Students Attendance System Essay

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Students Attendance System

The above Online Student Attendance Management System Project deal to totally eliminate the paper work and to progress the student information. Mainly teachers can monitor the student with in the short time and the parent to check their children status on the online itself whether college neither school. Teacher can also do grades system in online itself with proposed manner , they give the proper reason to student not attending the school or college, monitor the attendance report daily wise or whenever they want, and to check student can eligibility to write the exam or not . This online based tool can use the instructors in school, college and university in very effective manner.

This attendance online Management system final year project mainly useful for college Management, teaching staff and also for parents of the college implement this online application we have used PHP, java Script and My SQL database with 10GB hard disk,128MB RAM. The designing parts of the project focus on ER diagram, where this diagram consists all modules like details of the system. Teacher contains the teach ID, name and teaching subject name.

The instructor can check the status of student attendance the classes in month wise or team ,giving the seminars or not, giving the grade, indivual check , all the subjects to check and inform to parent to see the status of the their children status on online itself. This tool contains the tables Management, teacher, parent, student, grade and attendance. In every table username and password must. The Management can access all the information on the tool .only management modify the data, Teacher enter the information in teacher table, parents can read the data which display on the parent table, student cannot change the data on the table. Grades details display while enter the current user id and password.

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