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Minimum allowance of a student is base on how much their parents have to give them. We all know that a college student had much greater need than in high school days. We very much interested this issue because every one of us can relate this topic. Mostly of us don’t know how to manage their allowance and organize a budget. To budget your allowance is one way of showing your parents that you can be trusted and you’re responsible enough.

We sometimes temp to buy things which are not really important and temp to hang out with friends which are not included in your budgetary allowance. “For most students, college represents a crash course on how to manage money and organize a budget. If a student has never paid for his or her living expenses, the experience can often be frightening and over whelming. Stick to a budget while at college to enjoy life without sacrificing comfort or taking away from the experience” (frazier, 2006).

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This study will help you more about allowance budget and gives you some extra tips.

As students, we often whine about our allowance due to financial dilemmas and we should remember how to budget our allowance or better yet we should be thrifty enough so that in a way we’ll be able to help our parents. The aim of the scheme is to ensure the need to meet day-to-day living expenses doesn’t act as a barrier to full time education for students from low and socio-economic group.

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Allowance – the amount of something that is experimented especially within set of regulations or for a specified purpose; to put upon a fixed allowance (as to provisions and drinks); to supply in fixed and limited quantity.

It states that allowance will be limited we must have to spend it wisely. We should have a self awareness. Some students are doing a part time. “Part-time students who can show they are not expected to study 21 hours a week or more should still be able to claim Career’s Allowance. The reason why we like to conduct a study regarding the student’s allowance is that we would like to know if how and where they are going to spend their allowance and is it enough in their day-to-day living expenses. There are many reasons why we should have this study.

One of the reasons is the behavior of a person. “Behaviorism identifies mental states with disposition to act in certain input situations” (Crumley, 1978). This has something to do with our interaction to our surroundings, like if someone invites you to go shopping then you know that you don’t have extra budget for it then you should say no to them. The other reason is a decision making. “Some preliminary work needs to be done before we can come up with a decision that we will not later regret” (Teays, 2006).

Example for this is when you go out with friends then you think it’s their treat then you’ll be surprise because you’re asking to contribute. In budgeting they need cost of living. ” Student Financial Aid establishes a modest, yet adequate cost of living allowance to determine financial aid eligibility each school year. This allowance includes housing and utilities, food, transportation, personal and miscellaneous, and medical expenses. Student Financial Aid establishes a modest, yet adequate cost of living allowance to determine financial aid eligibility each school year.

This allowance includes housing and utilities, food, transportation, personal and miscellaneous, and medical expenses. ” ??. Theoretical Background. Students all over the world spend in several different ways, but close market research on student spending indicates that there are several common patterns that can be seen. Spending habits in adolescents is changing drastically in the last few years, but that change is almost uniform in all the metros of the world. Commercialization has begun targeting students’ spending habits a very long time ago (IFIM Students Lifestyle and Spending Habits, 2009).

According to a study conducted by a bank and financial institution, youths fork over money to buy cell phone load, to play computer games at Internet cafes and to buy cigarettes and alcohol. They also spend money on going out and on clothes and accessories (TJ Manotoc, ABS-CBN News, 2010). Teens hang out and shop. Teens are active consumers in terms of the money they spend, as well as in the influence they wield in their families and on societal trends. Despite being raised in a period of rapid change, they display a remarkable self-confidence in their judgment (Tempo, 2010).

A lot of the number of students seems to wants what is the “in” trend, what people are doing or using “right now”. Most teens will usually have one or two sources of income, either allowance from their parents or a job. The answer to this question isn’t found by looking at the income of the family or social status, it’s more a way of living and rearing that the parents have given their children (Felipe, 2007). “Despite the Filipino teens’ having limited budget to spend, low price does not necessarily make any brand a shoo-in for their patronage,” explained Ming Barcelona, TNS Philippines Associate Research Director.

“The TRU study reminds us the mindsets, preferences and purchasing habits of Filipino teens, whether on brand values, the latest product offerings, or on values and social issues should not be ignored,” added Gary de Ocampo, TNS Philippines Managing Director . ???. Statement of the Problem. The study discussed the Student’s Allowance here in La Salle University, Ozamiz City. Specifically, this study seeks answers to the following questions: 1. How did the parents give their allowance to their offspring’s? 2. How much their allowance daily, weekly or monthly? 3. Does the student live by their own budget? ??. Significance of the Study.

This study signifies the benefits of all the students in La Salle University for them to be aware to the expenses of their parents, and can be lessen about the financial issues. To overcome such predicament, there are many ways to lessen the problem and one of this is having a part time job so that this dilemma will no longer be the barrier in the academic performance of the student. Also, they must learn to be thrifty and spend their money wisely. For future researchers, it may be nice if you include the effects. V. Scope and Limitations. The study focused on the images of the students as wasting their money allowance.

Although, researchers thinking as much to settle the proper using of their allowance in order that the days, weeks and months further as they customized. To analyze the different ways by evaluated the rules. The researchers used and limits this study to the image of women as students allowances in selected different models. These images of transforming were examined and compared to the students today. The researchers choose this topic for the study to show the value of womanhood by understanding deeply the roles of student and are able to understand the story of different time.

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