Student Values Essay

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Student Values

Encarta defines “Values” as “the accepted principles or standards of an individual or a group”. The University of Phoenix has clearly defined these standards for each student in the student handbook. As a student at the University of Phoenix, there are many values that I find extremely important. I have narrowed it down to three for discussion in this paper: Promoting the University of Phoenix’s Mission Statement; Consistent Attendance; and Participation in Learning Teams.

According to the University Of Phoenix, its mission is to “educate working adults to develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to their communities” (University Of Phoenix, 2005, p. 2). To fulfill this mission, the University of Phoenix states it will:

Facilitate cognitive and affective student learning, develop competence in the communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and information utilization; provide instruction that bridges the gap between theory and practice; to use technology to create effective modes and means of instruction; improve the teaching/learning system, curriculum, instruction, learning resources, counseling and student services by assessing student learning; foster a spirit of innovation that focuses on providing academic quality, service, excellence, and convenience to the working adult; and to generate the financial resources necessary to support the University’s mission (University Of Phoenix, 2005, p. 2).

To paraphrase from the handbook, our responsibilities as students states that we act ethically with one another (students, faculty, University staff); welcome the contributions of not only students, but faculty and staff members in creating an atmosphere of respect and recognition; foster a productive learning atmosphere; constructively accepting and providing feedback; identify individual and professional values of ourselves and others; show independence and direction in the conclusion of group/individual learning objectives;

Be accountable for our actions (communication, interactions); recognize that conflicts/resolutions between individuals/groups are necessary to the team learning process; preserve confidentiality and privacy of personal or professional information being communicated; accountability for group achievements from working collaboratively in the learning process; adhere to the University principles on plagiarism/academic cheating; observe all laws and adhere to the University policies.

In order to support the University’s mission, we, as students, must follow certain values during our studies at the University of Phoenix. Without these values, we would not be able to uphold the University’s mission. Personally, I uphold the mission statement by participating to the fullest degree possible, putting forth my best efforts as a student, and maintaining a high degree of ethical standards.

I also find regular class attendance an important value, as a University of Phoenix Student. Whether it is traditional, online or direct study, class attendance is mandatory and essential for effective learning. Since we are online students, class participation is extremely important. Dr.

Wilson states that “Participation is very important online. You will be expected to participate four days a week in several different discussions and to contribute at least two substantive discussion messages on each of those four days” (Wilson, 2006, p7). Because our class is based on the Active Learning Model, our classroom is a dynamic learning arena. As stated in the University Catalog, “the model is based first on the assumption that the learner’s active involvement in the learning process is essential to good practice. Thus, University of Phoenix classrooms are intended to be dynamic learning spaces” (University Of Phoenix, 2005, p. 13).

For this reason, it is imperative that classes not be missed or we would not be able to participate in the active learning environment. Another value that is conducive to learning is the development of the “Learning Team”. A Learning Team is a small group of students, ranging from three to six people (from different parts of the country or world) that is crucial to our learning environment. Learning Teams are an essential design element in the University’s teaching and learning model through which students develop the ability to collaborate ? an ability expected of employees in information-age organizations and one of the University’s primary learning goals (University Of Phoenix, 2005, p. 14).

The Learning Team forces us to work effectively and efficiently. The team must work together in order to complete the assigned tasks. Working in groups also teaches us how to work in diverse groups in the real-world. In conclusion, the values I have listed only scratch the surface of the “value” system. Values are a part of us and society as a whole. They may relate to how each of us views the world around us or may be the basis for the laws that govern us. Without values, we could be living in a world that would not be able to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. References University of Phoenix (2005). University of Phoenix Catalog 2005-2006. : . Wilson, T. (2006). COM 526 Syllabus. : .

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