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Student teaching portfolio

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1124 words)
Categories: Art, Career, Education, Learning, Music, Occupations, Tea, Teacher, Teaching
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? Standard 1 Content Pedagogy The teacher understands the central concepts, tools of inquiry, and structures of the discipline he or she teaches and can create learning experiences that will make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for students. ? I believe that student learn best… When the teacher is willing to explore new ideas and adapt it to learning experience When the teacher appreciates multiple perspectives of learners and creates interdisciplinary learning experience. ? Knowing the major concepts of my content area is obviously essential to educators.

However, the challenging part is how to adapt my philosophical views and knowledge and apply it to real classroom situation. I want my lessons to be meaningful to the students so that they make it a long-lasting learning experience. My experience as a student teacher in primary and elementary school at millstone, I struggled to find balance between “Musical literacy” and “Meaningful learning experience”. My cooperate teacher who considered herself as type two learner with much love for mathematics and theory, mostly focused her lesson on theories which left me in confusion.

Teaching these entire theory-based lessons were so boring to me because, I wanted to teach lesson that is different and not typical stereo-type lessons. However, I had to adapt myself to it since I’m teaching in someone else’s classroom. Every teacher has his or her own comfort level on certain area in music, then, I asked myself, how could I make theory-based lesson interesting and creative, so that the students learn with fun and meaningful experiences at the same time? Therefore, I decided to use one of Dalcrose method “eurhythmics”.

I then used my conscious effort to create my lesson that has multiple perspective of learning combining these two. Although it was still challenging for me, I went through with the lesson satisfied. ? This experience helped me to see my strengths and weaknesses in this area. Although I may not want to focus my lesson more on musical literacy, I do know that since I can adapt to any situation, I will definitely use what I know to do best to guide my through every uncertainty.

I also learn new things as create useful activities to ensure good learning. Artifact 2 For Kindergarten class, I made different number of piggy pictures, so that they can sing and learn how to count the numbers from 1-10. This artifact shows that I made connection between music and mathematics (a discipline outside the arts). Standard 2 Student Development The teacher understands how children learn and develop, and can provide learning opportunities that support a child’s intellectual, social, and personal development.

I feel that I can relate my philosophy in teaching to this standard. In my opinion, I think for the students to have long-lasting learning experience, the teaching style should connect the prior knowledge to new ideas, it should give strong impressions to the students, make them to lay more emphasis on meanings and emotional values. I know I have done a good job introducing the students to something new and interesting which is a concept that includes meanings and emotional values.

Obviously, I do not have that much experience on teaching, but when I received feedback from my students that they remembered what they’ve learn in my class and were able to relate the experience outside of classroom, I felt really good about it. Artifact 1 2 weeks after, I taught lessons about cultures and music from Korea. One of my student (Michael) in 2nd grade who went to the memorial center in Washington D. C during the spring break, brought a postcard (Korean War) to the class and he wanted to share it in class.

This shows that my student remembered what they’ve learnt in class and have connected them to their experience from outside of classroom. Artifact 2 This is 5th grade class and each group, using john cage music score, performed its own improvisation music with percussion instruments. A week before this lesson, we discussed, about color of the sound (Timbre). “How does each color make you feel? ” It was easier for them to understand and improvise John cage’s music because they could connect prior knowledge to new ideas.

Therefore, they were able to express their emotions in each color of the sound using non-pitched percussions! Standard 3 Diverse Learners The teacher understands how students differ in their approaches to learning and creates instructional opportunities that are adapted to diverse learners. ? I feel my strength in teaching is in teaching multi-cultural music, this is because I grew up in South Korea and have traveled around the world.

I’ve been able to appreciate and understanding different cultures and have open-mind about values of human diversity. ? I believe that teaching multi-cultural music in music classroom is very significant, not just in musical-wise, but in making the students to be open-minded and unbiased about unfamiliar things. In my 2nd grade class, I taught Asian music and it was very interesting when I introduced the Korean traditional music, which is very unfamiliar, to the students.

The first time they listen to it, they seemed to have not appreciated it, because it was so different from what they used to hear, but after they actually experienced the Korean music through singing they understood the cultures, and now, they seemed to enjoy my lesson and it gives then unforgettable learning experience. ? Artifact 1 Korean traditional music uses fingers and scarf when there’s a need to put vibration technique in the song or high and low pitched note or when there’s sustaining line (for the kinetic learners) Korean children song lesson.

They learned about the song “Three bears”. They were dancing and acting it out so that they can understand the meaning of the song. In the video, it shows how one person in each table come up and take each part of the song and acting out each character in the song, “papa bear”, “Mama bear”, and “baby bear”. The remaining people are singing the song for them. Standard 4 Multiple Instruction Strategies The teacher understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies to encourage student in the development of critical thinking and problem solving.

The first lesson I did with my 1st grade was “Instrument Family” Lesson. In this lesson, I made connection with what I’ve learned in Westminster, critical pedagogy (Honoring their world), such as making Connection between their family and ‘instruments family’. Because every child has different musical background and personalities, I realized that even for the same grade level, every class has different responds to my lesson. I believe this is the most challenging part of teaching for most teachers. Therefore, I made conscious effort to think about all these.

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