Although life at BITS PILANI is similar to life at any other average Indian college, there are some crucial difference. These difference are majorly governed by No attendance policy. While you expect a student to attend an early morning 8:00 am lecture in an average Indian college, figure (.) suggests 8:00 am lectures are not attended by a majority of students as student oversleep and miss those lectures . This leads to a whole new body clock and a different kind of life style, completely chosen by an individual.

Student participate in lots of Extra-curricular activities. They give lots of time to clubs and department where they gain important technical and practical knowledge. Students spend significant time in virtual gaming and sports. A lot of this time comes at the expense of missing classes.

Suicide and college dropout is a very big issue in our nation’s education system.

According to national crime records bureau (NCRB) 8934 students committed suicide in the year 2015, 39775 students killed themselves in the five years leading up-to 2015.

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The suicide rate in IITs increase at 18% per year. In contrast to these numbers, suicide rate in BITS PILANI is averaged to be about 1-2 per year, when national population (total number of engineering students in India) is taken into account, national suicide rate is 10 times that of BITS PILANI. Some might argue that No attendance policy is not the only thing contributing to this but never the less we can-not neglect its huge contribution.

Study Culture At Bits

BITS PILANI offers a minimum 16 to maximum 25 unit worth of courses per semester.

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This accounts for an average of 4-6 hour of class per day. The students are evaluated throughout the semester by means of continuous evaluation.

The survey report (.) is suggestive of the fact that 50% of the student study very less to not at all when they are missing classes.22% student study 20-40% of the time , 19% student study 40-60% of the time , 7% student study 60-80% of the time , and 2% student study more than 80% of the time .

There is a correlation between not attending classes and low productive hours. Figure (.) Implies that majority (58%) of the student attend less than 60% of the class. Less people are inclined to study regularly and most of the students study just few days before examination.

18.3% missing class account for self-study as shown in Figure (.). A lot of student prefer to study on their own from online courses, sites, or by themselves

No attendance policy ensures that Students attend class to study and not out of pressure from the system. This has led to a healthy study environment in bits where learning process has been enhanced.

The average productive hours of students at BITS PILANI is low, but the efficiency of a student in those productive hours is high.

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