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Student Monitoring Using RFID Essay

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This paper describes the development of a student attendance system based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. The existing conventional attendance system requires students to manually sign the attendance sheet every time they attend a class. As common as it seems, such system lacks of automation, where a number of problems may arise. This include the time unnecessarily consumed by the students to find and sign their name on the attendance sheet, some students may mistakenly or purposely signed another student’s name and the attendance sheet may got lost. Having a system that can automatically capture student’s attendance by flashing their student card at the RFID reader can really save all the mentioned troubles.

This is the main motive of our system and in addition having an online system accessible anywhere and anytime can greatly help the lecturers to keep track of their students’ attendance. Looking at a bigger picture, deploying the system throughout the academic faculty will benefit the academic management as students’ attendance to classes is one of the key factor in improving the quality of teaching and monitoring their students’ performance. Besides, this system provides valuable online facilities for easy record maintenance offered not only to lecturers but also to related academic management staffs especially for the purpose of students’ progress monitoring.

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Library shelf management system using RFID technology
This paper appears in:
System Engineering and Technology (ICSET), 2011 IEEE International Conference on Date of Conference: 27-28 June 2011
Author(s): Bin Abdullah, A.T.
Fac. of Electr. Eng., Univ. Teknol. MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia Ismail, I.B. ; Ibrahim, A.B. ; Hakim bin Noor, M.Z. Page(s): 215 – 218
Product Type: Conference Publications

This paper present the library shelf management system. The system was developed using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The research was developed in integrating the RFID system and the creation of Graphical User Interface (GUI) at the host PC. The scope of work of the research is to develop an automatic library shelf management system to assist the librarians for more efficient shelf management to find any misplaced books on the library shelf. GUI for the system was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic.Net. The GUI task is to store details information of the book to the database. Subsequently a Shelf ID was created and coded to the RFID tag. The system then used this code to find any misplaced book on the selected shelf.

Automation of Time and Attendance using RFID Systems

This paper appears in:
Emerging Technologies, 2006. ICET ’06. International Conference on Date of Conference: 13-14 Nov. 2006
Author(s): Qaiser, A.
Bachelors of Software Eng., Fatima Jinnah Women Univ., Rawalpindi Khan, S.A.
Page(s): 60 – 63
Product Type: Conference Publications

This paper presents a novel concept to improve upon the processes in university environment using RFID technology. A system is implemented for the automation of time and attendance using RFID systems. The students and faculty members are provided with RFID devices/tags. When these tags pass through the reader generated interrogation field, they transmit information back to the reader, thereby identifying them. The RFID system makes it possible to monitor the movement of tagged users and record their real time data and pass it to processing system to maintain a log.

Using the recorded information, this system is capable of (1) marking attendance (2) marking unauthorized entry (3) probation analysis (4) attendance weightage calculations (5) submission of warnings via emails (6) SMS to parents to keep them updated about their child’s progress in the institute (7) a dedicated Web site for the availability of the processed data for the users of the system. The entire processing is done without human intervention. The system is comprehensive, effective and efficient, thus can help in automating the students’ administration

Using RFID technology to develop an attendance system and avoid traffic congestion around kindergartens

This paper appears in:
Ubi-Media Computing, 2008 First IEEE International Conference on Date of Conference: July 31 2008-Aug. 1 2008
Author(s): Whai-De Chen
Dept. of Comput. Sci. & Inf. Eng., Tamkang Univ., Taipei Hsuan-Pu Chang
Page(s): 568 – 572
Product Type: Conference Publications

This paper aims at developing applications based on active RFID and wireless GSM message to construct an active student attendance system that sends the message to parents cellular phone informing whether their children are safely arrive in classroom at morning. Meanwhile, the system is also used to relieve the traffic congestion around kindergartens especially while the parents are driving cars to pick up their children after class at rush or on rainy days. Finally, the encountered problems are summarized to discuss according to our developing experience.

Helping to collect traffic information using RFID tag implemented on urban-bus for traffic information

This paper appears in:
Microwave Conference, 2006. APMC 2006. Asia-Pacific
Date of Conference: 12-15 Dec. 2006
Author(s): Shing Tenqchen
Nat. Taipei Univ. of Technol., Taipei
Foun-Shea Chang ; Lee Yong-Chun ; Ching-Hung Wang ; Chao-Hao Lee ; Shen-Lung Tung Page(s): 1497 – 1500
Product Type: Conference Publications

In this paper, we propose a website to exhibit the traffic information for every 5 minutes at certain places of street measured by three radio frequency identification (RFID) readers for 125 tags installed on two different urban-bus companies and transmit those information via GPRS modem from testing point to control center. Each data can be used to indicate the exact point of traffic condition in a big city. The result is very valuable for the local government to make a decision on the adjustment of urban-bus for their future use. The result shows that the application of RFID tag and reader is an alternative way to extract the traffic information instead of traditional loop detector. It is suggested that the vehicle speed estimated by 2 tags from RFID reader is more accurate than that of by 1 tag compared with historical data.

The modeling and algorithm of dynamic traffic information collecting system based On RFID

This paper appears in:
Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 2009 IEEE
Date of Conference: 3-5 June 2009
Author(s): Zhao Liu
Coll. of Comput. Sci., Zhejiang Univ., Hangzhou, China
Wei Shi ; Song Xu ; Jian Wu
Page(s): 736 – 740
Product Type: Conference Publications

This paper brings forward the whole modeling of a novel traffic dynamic information collecting system based on RFID, using this system, the drivers can know the front street condition and vehicle flux condition. In addition, this paper provides the study of binary search anti-collision algorithm, which is the key algorithm in this system. With the change in this paper the efficiency of the algorithm increases to N – 1 / N, which has an increase of 50% compared with the popular used dynamic binary anti-collision algorithm.

A Dynamic Blood Information Management System Based on RFID

This paper appears in:
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2005. IEEE-EMBS 2005. 27th Annual International Conference of the Date of Conference: 17-18 Jan. 2006
Author(s): Ming Jiang
Commun. Eng. Coll., Jilin Univ., Changchun
Ping Fu ; Hexin Chen ; Mianshu Chen ; Bo Xing ; Zhonghua Sun ; Ping Deng ; Guang Wang ; Yi Xu ; Yu Wang Page(s): 546 – 549
Product Type: Conference Publications

As a patient and recipient of a blood transfusion, it is important for him or her to receive the safest blood possible. Information about the donated blood should be under the track to guarantee the quality of the blood source. In this paper, we present a RFID-based blood information management system that aims at ensuring the quality of the blood and increasing the efficiency of operation management. In this system, the fingerprint sensor is adopted to enable the process of identifying blood donor more reliable and credible and RFID tag is used to make the management more convenient. In addition, GPRS is applied in this system so that real-time data can be transmitted between the bloodmobile and blood center through wireless Internet

RFID-Based Location Information Management System with Privacy Awareness

This paper appears in:
Applications and the Internet Workshops, 2005. Saint Workshops 2005. The 2005 Symposium on Date of Conference: 31-04 Jan. 2005
Author(s): Iwai, M.
Keio University
Tokuda, H.
Page(s): 468 – 471
Product Type: Conference Publications

Recently, many types of RFID products has been developed and used to tightly bind the ID tag to users’ personal information in an application. This has brought up new social problems where RFID tags can be detected from other RFID readers without the user being conscious of the transaction. In this paper, we provide a location management system named Tachyon. Tachyon defines policy files which describe the privacy of the user’s location information. In Tachyon, users can expose their location information with a privacy policy. Additionally, Tachyon can reduce the cost of building distributed location management system.

Design of Equipment Management Information System Based on RFID

This paper appears in:
Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing, 2008. WiCOM ’08. 4th International Conference on Date of Conference: 12-14 Oct. 2008
Author(s): Li Hai-lin
Inst. of Electron. Technol. Inf. Eng., Univ. Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Luo Chang-yuan ; Wang Ya-Di
Page(s): 1 – 3
Product Type: Conference Publications

Nowadays, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has drawn great attention in industry and military such as the fields of automatic identification and data collection. An RFID-based equipment management information system(REMIS) was proposed to the aims of keeping allocation under control, taking statistics of strength and inspecting security of equipment more efficiently, automatically and intelligently. We designed a secure RFID application framework for equipment information management system using the RFID and digital certification, and described the components of REMIS. The RFID technology enables the management processes more rapidly, conveniently and intelligently. It will be a secure application of RFID in a ubiquitous environment, and may accelerate the adoption of RFID in its emerging stage currently.

Study on Network Architecture for Traffic Information Collection Systems Based on RFID Technology

This paper appears in:
Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference, 2008. APSCC ’08. IEEE Date of Conference: 9-12 Dec. 2008
Author(s): Mijeom Kim
Jinsoo Park ; Jaeyoung Oh ; Hakjin Chong ; Yoonkee Kim Page(s): 63 – 68
Product Type: Conference Publications

The paper introduces the research to develop an active radio frequency identification (RFID) – based national traffic information collection system (TICS) in ubiquitous environments in order to renovate the integrated national traffic management systems. The study of RFID – based traffic collection system mainly focuses on: (i) 2.45 GHz active RFID readers and tags; (ii) RFID middleware and DB structure, and application S/W; and (iii) network architecture to deploy TICS nationwide. The paper investigates and analyzes possible network architecture for TICS when it is deployed nationwide, and suggests efficient network configurations. For communication between user terminals in vehicles and the central system, WiBro (mobile WiMAX) and high speed downlink packet access (HSDPA) networks are recommended and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) evaluation is performed for elaborate exploration of WiBro networks.

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