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Student Day Report Essay

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Student day is held once in each year to celebrate the anniversary of the Male Business School. Year 2013, the student day preparations and tasks were part of assignment for the students who are doing operations management module. Student day, 5th April 2013 was celebrated with operations skills and creative performances by students. To carry on the tasks for student day 6 groups were established, that includes; Executive committee

Marketing and sponsorship Event planning Food and beverage Health and safety Logistical arrangements

Expected outcome of the student day The Student day was designed to give students an experience in operations management in reference to linear programming, critical path analysis and network planning, operational planning and control, operational outcomes and quality of the planning. It also considered the students to come out with innovative ideas to celebrate student day as a group work. The main outcome was the focus of the student day as part of the operations management assignment.

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Student Day programme Last pre meeting before student day The Associate professors of Male Business School met all the students before the student day in their Class. The pre meetings highlighted the progress of the task assigned group works and the team building for the final preparation of the ground where the activities will be held. Activities

1. Wooly ends How to play: Entangled pieces of the four colors of wool ( red,blue,yellow & green) will be kept in the centre of the ground. Each team has to pick up wool pieces corresponding to their team colors. The teams are to join the ends of the wool pieces to make a long thread. 2. String of Unity

How to play: participants are given 10 ft pole and some resources including 2 bundles of ropes. The objective is to erect the pole without touching it. 3. Caterpillar Race How to play: Instruct team members to place hands on the shoulders of the team members infront of them and race to finish line according to the following rules of movement. The first person in line may hop one step forward. Continue down the line until the last person in line hops one step forward. After the last person hops he or she must shout the team name. Then the whole team may hop one step forward at the same time. Repeat this process to move caterpillar along ( 8 shape movement) 4. Human Knot

How to play: Everyone stands in a close circle. Puts both hands out- and randomly grabs hold of someone else’s hand, creating a massive knot. 5. Bucket &Ball How to play: Players has to throw balls into a bucket which will be placed on top o the head of their corresponding team member at a 15 feet distance. Each player will be given 3 chances to throw the ball. The teams that throw most number of balls into the bucket wins 6. Wood Step Race

How to play: Students will be give two pieces of 8ft long wood blocks, they have to walk in a group together holding the rope to keep the balance on the wood which you have to step on. Players have to forward to opposite to each other. The above activities were carried among 4 groups and a separate judge was allocated to each group. It was noted that the judges were not given clear briefing about the rules and due to that some issues were raised among the groups and some activities were re played.

Anniversary day remarks

Music Show and Dinner Night The activities planned for evening was music show and a dinner night. The music show was played by Pest and Edil featuring Yes e and in between the music there was a talent show by the students. At the same time there was a lucky draw among the students and the trophy giving to the winners of the afternoon activities. The whole show was played and present very well by students and the artists. A soften and mixed rep music was played while the guests and the students were having dinner and entertaining with their chit chats as little and big groups.

Appreciation The first expression of appreciation goes to the Associate professor mrs

Conclusion The co-operation and support from all of the students and school management has been wonderful. The experience afforded to students has been outstanding. We are confident that the guests and the management of Male Business School will appreciate and acknowledge the hard work done by the students with limited resources.

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