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Student Council

To our honorable principal, Mrs. Dianne Derla Atlas, to our hardworking school administrator, Mr. Raymond Go, to our lovable Student Council Adviser, Mrs. Christine Campana Go, to our faculty and staff and to my fellow collegians, a pleasant afternoon to all of you. I’m Marichelle Lubigan, a III- St. Luke student, under the supervision of Ms. Marjorie Aspuria, and I’m running for the position of secretary under VOICE Party. I First started as the English Club secretary. Being new to this campus, I didn’t even know how to start writing the minutes of the meeting.

But through the help of our Club President, I survived. When the year was about to end, my sister encouraged me to join the leadership training. Luckily, I passed the screenings and made it ‘till the Leadership training. When the announcement came, I wasn’t hoping that my name will be called. I knew that there are lots of students who are deserving for that positions. It was already summer vacation when Kuya Ron texted me to go to school. When I went to school, I was surprised when I was asked to replace the Filipino Club President.

I’ve learned a lot from my experiences during my first year as an SC Officer. I found myself undergoing the leadership training again. I tried my best to prove myself again. Luckily I passed, but this time, I was included to the new batch of SC Officers. I ran as the Business Manager. I wasn’t competitive enough that i will win that time because my opponent is more popular than me, Marc Ryan Clamor. When the results came, I was surprised when I won, i told myself that i won’t waste the trust you’ve given to me and for my last year as a leadership trainee, I was quite nervous for Ms.

Tin told us at the screening that there are lots of first year students who are really trying their best. Many of them spoke straight English and want the position of President. When the training came, i actively participated during lectures and group discussions. During the announcement, I felt really nervous because all of the trainees were really deserving to be chosen, that is why I didn’t go to school that day. When my sister told me that I was chosen to have another chance to be an SC Officer, I was really surprised and thankful.

I’m actually running for the position of treasurer, but due to the encouragement of my party mates, I’ve decided to run for secretary. The secretary is the one responsible in keeping accurate records of meetings and student activities, programs, and sessions. The secretary also writes the minutes, and takes ideas from students during a meeting. Again, I’m Marichelle Lubigan, running for the position of Secretary under VOICE party. Im hoping that I convinced you to vote for me. Vote wisely. Vote straight, VOICE Party! A pleasant afternoon to all of you. Thank you. :D.

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