Student Classification Essay

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Student Classification

According to my short observation in several universities, there are five unique types of today’s students that intersting to be discussed. The first is Bugscreen students. Today is a computerized era. So, there is no bookworm anymore. Students like to read literatures on internet through handphone, mini tab, or notebook better than to read a book in a library. It is more cool and can open two or more windows at once. It is booming as the booming of social media on internet and also as the great number of inexpensive unlimited internet service package in our country.

The second is Democrazy students. This student never come late to join on demonstration. They do not care whatever the topic and like to scream aloud like a madman. Their power is also magic, can break auto glasses, pull out the road sign, etc. Nevertheless, they are running away when the police come..^_^. The third is Geesmart (geeky but smart) student. Usually wearing glasses, long sleeve shirt, cloth pants, but wear basketball shoes ^_^ . He/she is always in the front seat, even more fore from the lecturer desk ^_^. Even clever, he/she is geeky.. so easy if asked to do an assignment or giving cheat during exam ^_^. The fourth is Bohay students.

They are favorite students of the man lecturers ^_^. Usually have plump body and wear a very tight clothes, consequently it looks “Pletat-pletot” in all parts of their body. Nevertheless, they are still desperated to wear it ^_^. The fifth is Quasi-activist students. Some of their characteristics are like carrying loudspeaker or whistles anywhere ^_^, like to provoke other students (such as invites demo, etc), rarely come to the class, even come, it only when an exams are held.

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