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Student Center

Life is filled with many challenges, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Nevertheless, overcoming these challenges makes a person stronger and wiser in one way or another. For a person who has gone through so much in life, I can now say with confidence that I know clearly what I want to do. I am a graduate of Hunter College University of New York with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I have a grade point average of 3. 19. I also received an Associate of Science Degree in Biology from Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn New York with a grade point average of 3.2.

A person should not settle for mediocrity but should aim for excellence. Nevertheless, graduating with flying colors and getting a degree is just the first step for me because I feel that a person can never learn too much in his or her entire lifetime. I have high hopes not only for myself but for my family as well. They are my inspiration, and I know that I have their blessing and support in every adventure that I embark on. Thus, while I was in college getting my Psychology degree, I applied at the computer laboratory department to become a student aide.

I already knew that I needed training and a good grasp of what an office environment would be. I gladly took the job and made every task they assigned with passion and diligence. I was responsible for organizing and maintaining documents and correspondence. It seemed like a meager responsibility for some, but for me, it was an important duty that one should fulfill seriously, and I wanted to prove to everybody that I can make something of myself.

However, what I could consider as my greatest achievement so far is the award I received from the National Honor of Society for the year 2006 to 2007. It took me by surprise because I was not expecting anything. Going through different educational courses and getting an award greatly boost my confidence, and I know that if given a chance at this admission, I can do even greater things with my life. Currently, I am a volunteer at the Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn. My task involves filing confidential and personal documents about the patients and answering calls.

I am learning considerably by observing the physicians while they examine and diagnose the patients. I have been doing the same thing in Al-Shifa Medical Center. I have been learning a lot just by watching the doctors and observing their attitude towards the patients. I am also presently acting as a peer advisor in the Sylvia E. Fisherman Student Center in Hunter College. Spending time with other students, talking to them, and helping them deal with their struggles have greatly improved my perspective in life.

I feel more encouraged every time I help another person. I have a very optimistic outlook in life, and I believe that there is no small or big role for everybody to play. Everyone is important and beneficial to each other no matter what his or her career or profession is. If the University will give me a chance to be admitted into the (name of program), I know that I can help more people because I firmly believe that there is no better use of a person’s time than to spend it in making a difference in the lives of others.

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