Student and Group Essay

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Student and Group

Group is part of our lives. Everywhere we will hear about group whether outside or in college. Group means some number of people involved in the interaction among themselves or in a series of meetings and meetings in which each member makes certain views or perceptions of one another. Group activity involves, providing information and messages, share information and messages, and provide feedback.

In the group work, there are some advantages that we have among them. That is, we can work together to complete an assignment in groups, working together is very important to finishing our assignment and can be completed quickly.

The next advantages are effectiveness in communication among team members. In a given group, we can communicate effectively with the members from different countries to exchange ideas and share information for further information about the tasks that were given to our group. In addition, the advantages of group work is we can discipline themselves to seek any information required and also to meet at a specified time to discuss that is determined to discuss the assignment.

The next advantage is foster friendship between members in a group of different religions, races and nations. Apart from discussing the assignment, we are also able to interact with students that we never knew before whether local students and international students. Further advantage is all members take part in the search for information about their assignment. Each of group members given sub-topics and find information about the topic and then sharing with the members of the group.

However, working in groups also had disadvantages. Among them, it is difficult to meet with members of the group to discuss the assignment because stay far away from the group members. Next is, there are members who are very shy and we difficult to know the idea that he thinks. In addition, during the discussion we also find that the internet facilities provided in the college is very weak, this causes us to take a long time to discuss the assignment, seeking the information needed and had to wait long for the search results.

In addition, students who later enrolled in the class also disadvantages in working in groups. This is because these students do not search for information because all the information about the task has been completed and the student just joins us to make a presentation only.

In conclusion, working in groups has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, each member involved should enhance cooperation in the group to obtain good results in the group and to overcome the disadvantages that occur in groups, each member should strive to avoid the problem.

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