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Student affairs

For a student affairs event, I attended a Brilliant Bobcat Workshop. The event was called U-Turn and was very informative. U-Turn was about helping with turning your academic life around. It was a presentation to help show that if you are put on academic probation or going in the wrong direction, that there is still hope and a chance to turn your academic life around. The thing I found most helpful to me was the resources that are found on campus. We went over all the resources helpful to students.

Two of these resources that appealed to me were the Writing Center and Career Services. I learned that the Writing Center is a place to go when you need help with a paper. I found it convenient that you can make appointments online. Students go in to either an hour or an hour and a half appointment and get a personal tutor to help with any writing piece. Career Services also seems very helpful. Students can go here if they need any help with figuring out their major, if they need help with improving their resume, and even to help with job interviews.

I found it cool that they would even do a mock interview to help you get the feel of things for the real deal. Another thing we talked about was distractions. We went over the many ways you can be distracted from school. For each distraction, we went over a way to avoid these distraction and how to find help if these distractions are hurting your grades. I learned many tips on how to make a U-Turn. I learned that to make good grades I should always study and attend class, to be realistic, avoid procrastination, eliminate all distractions, and set goals.

If this doesn’t help, it’s always a smart idea to meet with an academic advisor or professor. For this workshop I sat at a table with a Pace Advisor and three other girls and we collaborated on everything that was said. I really liked this idea because I got to hear different viewpoints. I heard what other people do when they get distracted and some of their study methods. I love working in groups and I think it was very helpful with this workshop. The actual presentation itself was good as well. There were three different speakers that presented.

One talked about all the different resources on campus. The second speaker was a man who talked academic probation and the process on how to appeal it. The final speaker was from financial aid and spoke about how grades have to be kept up in order to keep receiving financial aid. Overall, I enjoyed the whole presentation. The hour in a half flew by because I was interested in what was said. I liked all the speakers as well as my small group. I found it really useful and learned a lot. I would definitely attend another Brilliant Bobcat workshop.

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