Struggling for the Right to Education Essay

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Struggling for the Right to Education

Bob Cole’s membership in the lower class affected his school experience in more ways than one. First and foremost, with his status in life leveling him down to the lower part of the social hierarchy, he had developed in him a sense of insecurity which hindered him to actively mingle with his fellow students who happened to live in a “greener pasture. ” In his claim on the unspoken demarcation line between the rich and the poor, it makes perfect sense why he didn’t even bother to try.

Aside from separating him from the other side of the fence, his disposition in life also caused him to limit his resources to explore further in the course of good quality learning experience. At his own home, he was deprived of the opportunity to study his lessons or do his homework past 8:30 in the evening just because the lights in their shack had to be turned off (as requested by his father).

Their financial incapacity seemed to be an obstacle he had to hurdle everyday since every move he made at school had a corresponding price that most of the time he couldn’t afford. Despite all the benefits he received from different active groups which helped him push through towards a better future, he still didn’t have the privilege to live a comfortable life as a student—or even as a simple person.

He saw school, as well as life as a whole, in a negative perspective, thinking that they have nothing better to offer him, or any people in his nature for that matter. He perceived going to school as a routine to acquire a degree and a decent job to uphold his family—with high hopes that he could save them from the slum that they were in. Instead of going to school as an assertion of his right to education, Cole seemed to have seen it more of a responsibility that he had to fulfill.

With this, he missed the most valuable point of going to school, which is learning not only through books but through the entire school experience itself. Learning wasn’t exactly what he had in mind every time he took his seat inside his classes; all he had in mind was acquiring a certificate that could land him on a job far from those in the factory or the mine where most in their class work. REFERENCE Bob Cole by Bob Cole—the customer’s reading material for this project, which he kindly attached with the order.

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