Strong relationship Essay

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Strong relationship

Perhaps, growing up as a member of the third sex, most especially in a black community, is one of the most significant challenges that one could face. Black communities are centered on the traditional function of an institution, which is mainly directed in opposing the lifestyles that are deemed to be transgressing the code of morality. Historically, people of color have been faced with serious hardships and obstacles, and these add up to the pressure of being a part of the third sex. Fortunately, such experiences have been my stepping stone to become aware of what it is like to be involved in a subject that few have dared to discuss.

Though I am lucky enough to grow up with a strong support system, I still had and continue to have my share of difficulties which eventually changed my perspective in the governing body that permeates our community. I was once a member of the Navy, and I was discharged from the service on the basis of sexual orientation. My firsthand account of the institutional discrimination became my guiding force to pursue a legal profession which I believe would pave the way for me to bring to public interest an issue that is often taken for granted.

As an individual who has spent a considerable time working in the paralegal environment, I believe that education and exposure are imperative tools in bringing changes in the perspective of individuals. Likewise, the attainment of understanding towards an issue can only be possible if individuals are aware of the current situation. Hence, armed with a strong desire to pursue law, I will strive to bridge the gap between the gay community and the public. Similar to other applicants who wish to apply for the university’s law program, I offer credentials that highlight my capability as an individual.

Alongside my education and work experiences as a paralegal practitioner in both the international and local landscape, I also actively participated in community outreach programs which became a ground for me to fully recognize my capabilities as a legal practitioner. From there, I managed to have an account of providing legal assistance and education among people of different backgrounds specially those that were impacted with the discriminatory practices present in the workplace.

Likewise, I was able to share my experience as a person of color and a member of the third gender. I account the continuous increase of my professional knowledge to all my experiences in working with people of diverse background. Having been able to deal with individuals who offer varied and inspirational stories catapulted my desire to understand further the ins and outs of the industry. For these reasons, I strongly believe that (name of university) would offer me the education that would bring me a step closer to attaining my goal of becoming an attorney.

My strong commitment to diversity as well as excellent program would enable me to achieve my objectives and broaden my perspective in legal aspects. In addition, when identifying potential schools, I sought out institutions that extend their efforts to areas that would prepare me excellently for public interest works and would fully equip me with academic input which, in the long run, would enable me to give out possible improvements with the issues present in the field of law.

I also believe that (name of university) is a ground for me to reconstruct my plans for a better career path and would allow me to take on valuable options that are essential for establishing strong relationship with the community that I am about to work with. The combination of my strong educational background, practical experiences and my pursuit to expose and rectify the injustices permeating in our society would ensure my success in the university’s law program. For the foregoing, I believe that (name of university), with its purpose-driven programs, is the ideal institution to embark upon the study of law.

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