Strong leadership, trust, respect, unity

Effective teams must have strong leadership, trust, respect, unity, outstanding skills and abilities, open communication, collective team spirit, and a target oriented motive to deliver the task on time with perfection. Each team member must dedicatedly listen to each other to listen and understand what the other team member is suggesting and think over how practically it is possible and in case of better improvements, a discussion can be made either verbally or on paper and put forth proposals in a professional team spirit and never enter into any unwarranted arguments which would spoil the entire gamut of team work.

Effective teams produce results in a pattern which are evident in the completed tasks or projects viz. ,There are some teams who start off very well with lot of enthusiasm and in the middle of the project, either is a drop down, or a there is a hurdle, or there is a conflict or there is some other problem.

Teams must remember that each participant is answerable to the top management in delivering the tasks allotted for early completion and in a way, team members draw salaries for working either collectively or individually, whereas the purpose here is to achieve the objective of an organisation and team work is one such source for early completion of difficult tasks which cannot be performed by individuals.

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2. In many organizations, the appointment of teams is made basing on the expertise, skill required and level of working knowledge each member possess. Rewards and incentives are often highly confidential and are reserved by top management as the disclosure would lead to dissatisfaction among teams.

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Therefore, there is required to be a pre-set pattern for performance evaluation, appraisal basing on 360?

feedback that is given by team works. Team work is expected to be absolutely systematic and professional with the fact that, each team member is participating in the achievement of task and work is expected to be on the expert side and not of lower quality. Teams are also formed basing on the work experience, skill and initiative ness that is possessed by each team member which is the pre-requisite in order to be a member of team.

As a matter of fact, teamwork displays and demonstrates who has the best talent and caliber and who should be rewarded more for the extraordinary performance and brainwork. Active team members, hard working team members, talented team members, skill based team members and participating team members, each according to the work delivered is rewarded similar to a cricket team wherein each cricket sport star performs to the best in giving runs and taking wickets whereas winning an ODI is again the entire responsibility of cricket team.

The winners are rewarded with cash prize award for “Man of the Match Award”, cash prize award for entire team and any special award for team members. In this case, the performance is witnessed by audience in the open auditorium, and there cannot be a second word for commenting on the performance of each member of cricket team. A similar evaluation principle can be applied in HR management in corporate sector. 3. How does your text differentiate a work team from a work group?

Team may consist of two, three, four and group consists members more than five. Team work is assigned to collectively to work on a single project viz. , computer chip designing, aero dynamics, robotic engineering, automobile engineering, construction or architecture wherein skilled team members work on invention of a new device or design a new site whereas work group are assigned each different task to collectively submit respective projects viz.

, in software development of computer game of roller coaster there are many modules, e. g. burger hut, roller coasters, park maintenance such as these are assigned to each group member to design assigned model respectively. Many students, employees dislike to work in work groups and projects with the fact that, the norms that are practiced in team work are not followed in work groups. 4.

When there is a large volume of work required to be done and there is less time or when a task cannot be delegated to a single individual, or when there is a requirement of large and variety pool of talent for the tasks to be productive and in any other instance that is near to the objective and goals of an organization, team works are encouraged whereas the team members have to be absolutely well-knit in leadership, honesty, trust and in keeping and maintaining the professional attitude towards the task assigned and must exercise perfect attitude with co-team members giving no opportunity to get hurt nor to hurt feelings of others.

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