Stricter Laws Should Be Implemented to Prevent Drinking and Driving

There is a serious problem with drinking and diving on our roadways. People are getting killed and maimed on our streets because of DWI related accidents. This is a problem that needs a serious solution as soon as possible. The laws that we have been passing just aren’t addressing the true problem. The states need to take a more proactive role in passing laws that ensure our safety on the roadways. The laws that are being passed are obviously not working the people passing the laws are just as guilty of this crime as everyone else.

Even our new governor’s cabinet members are being caught as well as judges and law enforcement. It isn’t just the people who are habitually diving drunk it’s everyone.

People that have a glass of wine are just as dangerous as a habitual offender that has 10 DWIs. The laws that were past that keep DWI on record for life do nothing but raise the statistics.

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Statically it won’t be long till everyone has a charge of DWI on their record whether they drink or not because you merely have to be charged and it stays on your record for life even if charges were dropped for any reason. If your identity stolen you’ll suffer same consequence of having a DWI on your record for life. The law presumes every citizen innocent, even when charged with DWI A judge violates the judicial oath when he or she presumes that a citizen charged with DWI is guilty, gives greater weight to the state’s evidence, is predisposed to find for the state, or looks for ways to assist the state in the prosecution of a case….

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The law imposes the highest burden of proof in criminal matters — proof beyond a reasonable doubt of every element of the offense. Judges who lower this high burden in DWI cases make it probable that innocent people will be convicted, so by passing more laws like these is in violation of people’s civil liberties. Driving while under the influence is a very real problem that needs better laws passed to put a stop to it quickly.

There are several ways to stop this but our politicians and the people seem like they really don’t want to fix the problem. One way would be to have to pass a alcohol test before any purchases using a tester like a skin tester that can detect alcohol in seconds. Have theme in bars grocery stores anywhere alcohol is served. Mandate the car companies to fast track their technologies to install in every new car give incentive to get the public to install them in their cars. A lot of people are apprehensive to put these in their cars but it’s no different than seatbelt laws and will save an uncountable number of lives. People’s attitude has really changed over the last decade about DWI but no one wants to accept the real change that needs to be taken and feel that if they haven’t done anything that deserves to have an intoxalizer installed but the one but most people felt that way about seatbelt laws too. Alcohol has been a cultural consumable for 7000 years and people are reluctant to change. So if the states don’t take a more proactive role in prevention because prohibition is not an option DWI will continue and the needless deaths on our road ways will continue. sad but true.

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