Stress Management Essay

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Stress Management

Stress is a large part of anyone’s everyday life. Stress has many definitions and there are many ways to manage stress. You may either chose relaxation techniques, physical activities, or reading/writing or multimedia activities such as listening to music. I personally like doing a bit of all three. Whenever I am stressed for any reason being I either take a walk, meditate, listen to music or read, it all depends on the situation I am in.

I love meditating because it puts me in a completely different mindset and gives a new view on reality. Meditating connects me with my spiritual self and puts me at peace. I try to meditate daily because when I do I see that there’s less stress in my life to deal with. I worry less about things and try to understand more. When you meditate you try to clear your thoughts of any troubles or worries which really help in times of stress because you just forget about those stressors and focus on your breathing. When I finish I always feel so peaceful and tranquil and I forget about what ever made me stressed in the first place. But I don’t always have time to meditate.

Whenever I can’t meditate I just go for a walk. I enjoy taking in every bit of nature and beauty the world has to offer so walking does me justice when I’m stressed. Whether it’s a long hour walk or a quick 15 minute one, I always ingest everything around me. I look around and realize how beautiful the world is and how peaceful Mother Nature is. Everything is at peace with itself and calm and I wonder why I can’t be like that. When I finish walking my stress and problems have flown away with the cooling wind and I no longer feel overwhelmed with stress. I go for a walk every once in a while whether I’m stressed or not, just to admire the beauty of nature.

I also love to indulge myself in books when I am stressed. Being carried away into a world where your problems no longer exist. I am so overwhelmed by the characters and situations in the book that my stress gets lost in the black and white pages of the book I am reading. When I don’t have a book I just listen to music and burn some incense. Music relaxes me in such a way that I cannot describe. The melody, the lyrics, and the rhythm just encompasses me and music is all there is. I am a musician myself so music is a very huge part of my life and I know I can turn to it when all else fails and I am in a horrible mood and stressed out. Music will always have a positive impact on me and help me overcome those stressors in my life.

All in all managing stress should be something everyone should do positively and not turn to harmful things such as smoking, drinking, and drugs. There are so many healthy ways to manage stress such as physical activity, meditating, walking, or if you can’t get out of the house you can always just listen to music. No one should ever feel so overwhelmed where they just give up. Stress can be very harmful and dangerous if you do not know how to handle it.

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