Stress Level of Paramedical Students Essay

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Stress Level of Paramedical Students

The following are reviews, which show significant learning to the study. They are grouped into the following headings: Local Literature, Foreign Literature, Local Studies and Foreign Studies. Local Literature Stress in this concept refers to the consequences of stressors as well as to the person’s appraisal of the stressor. According to Maraya de Jesus Chebat (2001) stress is here to stay. What people must do is to learn more about it’s nature, sources and alternatives so that people used the energy positively and work in the best possible way.

Moreover, Shancham, M. And Lahad (2004) stated, “Your ability to tolerate stressors depends on the number of stressors in your life. ” People who can handle stress use their coping mechanism, which is powerful tool to use, to analyse events objectively and observe calmly. Gather information at the state of equilibrium, understanding of what to produce the tension that helps you feel that the stress is alleviated. Furthermore, Arlett and Groves (2003) specified the most effective way of managing stress are through relation and exercise which is ironically are extremely aesthetical acts which involved dynamics of the mind and body.

People who are always stress survivors stay healthy throughout their lives. They consider stressful situation opportunist for growth. Foreign Literature Stress is a part of life and is generated by controlling changing situations that a person must face. The term stress refers to an internal state which results in demanding, frustrating, and unsatisfying conditions. A certain level of stress is unavoidable. In fact, an acceptable level, if stress can serve as a stimulus to enhance students’ academic efficiency.

However, when the level of stress is not handled properly, the individual is incapable of satisfactorily dealing with it, then, the effect on the academic work may be negative (Bain, 2000). Stress is also viewed as a frustrated “fight or flight” response a basic human survival mechanism left over from our primordial “roots” when we could best response to perceived dangers by either fighting or fleeing (Merideth, 2001) Otto (2000), pointed out that stress may be seen as having two dimensions.

First, there is experimental aspect that can be described as unpleasant feeling which people have when they feel in psychological stage of distress or tension. This relates to the way they perceive their situation. College stress is a major problem for university students, but it is mostly ignored by the students who are actually under stress. In fact, they usually just try to press through their stress without considering that it does not need to be the case.

Students can help themselves but determining what makes their college stress and making a few efforts to alleviate it. (Blake, 2001) Local Studies Human beings are continuously exposed to the wide and expanded variety of the stress level of the paramedical student of 3rd and 4th year student. Indeed it is a universal phenomenon that to study the stress level of paramedical student. And that is why there are many researchers who are willing to study about stress especially the medical student. (Martin, 2005)

According to the research study of Jane S. Norbeck that the stress level of the paramedical student is used to motivate the effect of selected psychosocial variables and no significant difference on the level of stress management of the respondent when they were grouped according to the gender, sex, and civil status. Also significant main effect were found for life stress overall and gestation of complication for the emotional and they have also significant difference in the level of stress management (Fernandez, 2006). Foreign Studies There are two types of stress; one is Distress or damaging stress and Eustress, stress that protects health.

Eustress is motivating energy such as happiness hopefulness and purposeful movement (Kaplan, 2005). Stress is a universal phenomenon. All people experience it. The concept of stress is important because it provides a way of understanding the person as a being who responds in totality to a variety of changes that take place in daily life. Stress is a condition in which the person responds to changes in the normal balanced state. A stressor is any event or stimulus that causes an individual to experience stress.

When a person faces stressors in a any event or stimulus that causes an individual to experience stress. When a person faces stressors, responses are referred to as coping strategy, coping response, or coping mechanisms. (Kumar and Jejukar, 2005). There are many sources of stress. They can be broadly classified as internal or external stressors, or developmental or situational stressors. External stressors originate outside the individual. Developmental stressors occur at predictable times throughout an individual’s life.

Within each developmental stage, certain tasks must be achieved to prevent or reduce stress. Situational stressors are unpredictable and may occur at any time during life (Craig-hart, 2003). Stress can have physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual consequences. Usually the effects are mixed, because stress affects the whole person. Physically, stress can threaten a person‘s perceptual and problem-solving abilities. Socially, stress can alter a person’s relationship with others. Spiritually, it can challenge one’s belief and values (Shancham, M. And Lahad 2004)

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