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Stress, Depression and Anxiety in Women

The present study demonstrates average levels of stress, depression and anxiety in both parous and nulliparous women which clearly indicates that the role of children does not affect the mental health of women. The stereotype belief prevailing in Indian society of having children in a family is a compulsion has been gradually decreasing.

As people are accepting the new methods like surrogacy, IVF treatment and adoption. These new medical methods can be the solution for nulliparous women to experience the joy of motherhood.

Similarly, parous women have embraced their motherhood As Indian society is now accepting the modern era where the woman receives help and support from her family in raising the children. Also, the responsibility of children is divided amongst both husband and wife. So, the responsibility of children has become less stressful for women. There can be multiple reasons for the average depression level in nulliparous women.

Many of them are capable of bearing children but do not want to take responsibility for their children.

While other nulliparous women do not want to give up their careers in order to have children and the responsibilities related to them. On the other hand, Parous women train their mind right from the pregnancy period regarding the responsibilities and changes that take place after the birth of a child. So, they do not experience much depression. Several studies have addressed similar psychological issues on motherhood. One such study conducted Abdulaziz Aflakseir and Masouneh Zarei on Association between coping strategies and infertility stress amongst a group of women with fertility problems in Shiraz, Iran.

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‘The results of this study highlights the importance of coping strategies in improving the mental health of women with fertility problems’.

When correlating the present study with these findings it is observed that most of the women have used emotion focused strategy to deal with the psychological distress.
The present study was not conducted on men, so future study can be conducted on comparing psychological stress in men and women. It can also be further used to study and analyse different variables to know more about women and their mental health issues so that a positive mental health environment can be maintained among women in society.

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