Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Essay

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Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

After reading the scenario, I think Dalman and Lei have a lot to think about. Before making any decisions Lei and Dalman should weigh their options. I think the strengths of expanding their businesses with two new franchise operations could save Dalman and Lei some money by working together with the new operations. They also wouldn’t have to worry about more competition when the new franchises open. Joining together can give them the opportunity to expand in different cities and open up bigger restaurants making Sandwich Blitz a global franchise. This would also give them the opportunity to get more help with their businesses and maybe some new products and customers.

Dalman and Lei’s weakness to me at Sandwich Blitz are, no communication within the company, new issues arising causing time to be spent managing problems out of top-level range, so time management is a big concern, finding the right locations causing their business to lose profit or making the wrong decision about the two new franchise operations; maybe they should stay local and just work together to expand the business they already have in their state. They need to make sure they use environmental scanning and research the locations no matter what city it’s in anyway just to be sure. They’re many threats that come with opening more restaurants like not having enough employees.

They need to make sure they have qualified employees to help with the new businesses. They also have to worry about the quality of the new products and if it’s going to sell. Lei and Dalman are also threatened by investing their money and time and having the expansion fail and competition from similar restaurants. Overall, I think if Dalman and Lei use the planning process and all three levels of planning they’ll be very successful and make a good investment. They should meet with the other franchise strategic planners and come up with long term goals for Sandwich Blitz.

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