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Strengths in basketball Essay

Essay Topic:

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In my Analysis Peace I am going to be analysing Alex combs at basketball. I chose Alex because he is a talented basketball player and I have seen him improve in basketball in various ways since yr7 and I feel I can help him improve even more. Alex has adapted himself into becoming a centre and that’s the position I have chosen to help him improve on. I believe with a little bit of direction Alex can make it a far way in basketball.

To make it at a professional level in basketball and to be able to become a centre you need to have certain qualities and aspects. You need to have self belief because basketball is a game of trail and error. A great centre is always willing to try over and over again. Above all a great centre needs to be enthusiastic and determined a successful centre generally wants the ball and will do anything to get it.

Also a great centre has the ability to change the flow of the game. He also has the ability to change his team mate’s attitude.

A centre needs to be aware of the rules especially the 3 second rule. In the game basketball the centre controls the game he is the heart of the team offensively and defensively the more rebounds he makes the more points your team will score lastly You need to be tough don’t worry about contact with other players don’t be afraid to use your strength and speed to keep other players from getting the ball. Including those following aspects there are other attributes that affect your performance in basketball such as:

Strength: Strength is needed so you are able to compete for rebounds when shots are missed. Having that extra strength gives you the advantage against other players and enables to position yourself. This is done by boxing out (sometimes referred to as blocking out). Boxing out is where you position your self between the basket and another player and push them away by backing into them therefore you have to be close to the basket at all times. Strength is needed so that you can protect the ball after a missed shot.

It’s important to rebound so that the other team does not get another chance of scoring and offensively you create another opportunity for your team to score. Speed: Speed is need so that you get to the ball before anyone else after a missed shot allowing you to get the rebound. This also means your reaction and movement time needs to be quick. Speed is need so that you’re able to intercept dangerous passes also you need speed endurance allowing you to run back and defend. Speed is also need when attacking your opposition mainly fast breaks.

Reaction Time: Needs to be fairly quick so you’re able to intercept passes you need quick reactions allowing you to get between the passer and receiver. Agility: The ability to change your direction and body position is highly important in basketball. It’s useful to help you to get past defenders. Agility is also important allowing you to change direction very quickly enabling you to attack the basket at speed. It’s also important to be agile whilst defending it helps you stay with you defender.

Basketball is a fast pace game that requires a lot of movement effort and work. Balance: Balance is need so that you’re able to stay on your feet which mean you are unlikely to get injured. It’s also important because it allows you to perform a successful jump shot or a lay up. Balance is important because if you’re being shoved you don’t wobble or fall over easily. Stamina: Stamina is important enabling you to run back to defend your basket and to run up and down the court to get hold of rebounds.

Stamina gives you the ability to finish a full intense basketball game. Skill: Being ambidextrous having the ability to perform skills with both your left and right hand this a good advantage in basketball because it gives you confidence in your play and gives you various ways of attacking confusing your opponent. Left hand lay up Right hand lay up Section 2 Alex’s Strengths Watching Alex Perform In school matches and watching him in practise gave me the chance to analyse him carefully. I have recognized some of his strengths in basketball.

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