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I have actually adequately acquired my leading 5 strengths through the test we took for class. My top five strengths are: Connectedness, Relator, Strategic, Belief, and Woo. Personally, I agree with the accuracy of the test, it was very in tuned, but it was also really descriptive on why these where my 5 strengths. I can not wait to use these strengths even more effectively now that I comprehend how to use them in my life and in my career in ministry.


Connectedness means to believe links between all things, and thinking there are couple of coincidences which nearly every event has a reason.

I highly agree that this is among my strengths due to the fact that I practice this all the time. I quite think this because I understand and think with my heart that every occasion that occurs in life is for a reason. God permits things to happen in our lives to permit us to see and experience so that we may think.

I take a look at it in this manner the Bible links to all things, so if I believe in God’s word and store it near to my heart then I think that everything happens for a reason. If I mess up and slip up, then yes I will need to deal with an effect, however again all things are linked. So I extremely base on the reality that I have the strength of connectedness due to the fact that I use it every day of my life and in my walk with Jesus Christ.

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My next strength is Relator, that means having a pleasure in a close relationship with others, and discovering deep satisfaction in striving with pals to attain a goal. I see this in my everyday life since of my close relationships I have with a few of my friends. Its not like I simply have a routine relationship with them and hangout with them. I consider them my bros and siblings, and that’s since of how close we are spiritually and emotionally. We do more than just hangout or talk, we teach each other and assist one another in our every day walk with Christ. I comprehend why it mentions relator as another strength, which’s since I direct my pals and they assist me and we make every effort to make one another much better and by that we achieve specific goals, and likewise group objectives. General I’m pleased I have this strength due to the fact that I can genuinely be a buddy and a sibling to them through Christ Jesus.


My next strength is strategic this means to create an alternative way to proceed, and when being faced with any given scenario, to quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues. I see this as a strength in many ways because I am able to make alternative ways if I’m stuck or having trouble processing something. I also use my strategic strength in allowing the Holy Spirit to guide through obstacles that come in life leaning on the understanding of Christ to lead me through. In this matter, I also use this strength in helping people, meaning I can help people analyze an issue or a problem they are facing and teach them through Biblical understanding how to deal with the issues at hand. Understanding this strength more in detail has not only helped me apply it to my life in a better way, but it has taught me how to also use this strength in a better way in my ministry.


Belief is another strength I have, and that is having certain core values that are unchanging, but out of these values emerges a defined purpose for life. I have the strength of belief because not only do I have my strong faith in Jesus Christ, I have faith cannot be shaken. I’ve seen God do to many amazing things to not have those certain core values in Christ Jesus. Having that strong belief not only keeps me anchored in my relationship with Christ, but it helps me be a disciple and carry out the blessings of having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Understanding I have this strength has helped me in the aspect of making sure I’m well grounded in my beliefs and how I can teach them. Having this strength is huge in my walk with Christ and this test and paper have helped me understand how important my strength in belief actually is in my life and in my ministry.


Having the strength of Woo is a blessing because wanting to be in full time ministry I have to be able to connect with people by winning them over to Christ. Woo means loving the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over, and having derived satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person. I love to meet new people and win them over with the love of Jesus Christ by sharing the gospel. Sharing the gospel is a big responsibility in our every day walk with Christ, and having the strength of Woo helps in so many areas of ministry. For instance when I’m sharing my testimony to someone I have to be able to connect and win people over by sharing how Jesus changed my life, and that’s using the strength woo. Winning people over to Christ is what I live for every day I just look for that opportunity when I’m out in public to share God’s love to the broken. When doing that the scene of gratitude I gain is so great now knowing that person has a life changing relationship with Christ Jesus; However, I love my strength of woo and so glad I have learned more about it so I can now carry it out in my life and ministry in a more affective way.

While doing this test and research on my strengths I have found that this has been so beneficial in my life and my walk with Christ. It has helped me identify and also use my strengths in a better way to sever the Lord in my ministry. Just understanding my strengths has not only helped me understand myself better, but also understand my specific and important role in my life with Christ. Thinking and praying on my strengths, God has just continued to confirm how much He loves me and to show me the specific plans He has for my life. So I am very grateful to have done this study and also to write this paper, because it has helped me greatly and helped me learn more about my strengths and how to use them for Gods glory.

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