Stratification Essay Topics

Poverty and Social Stratification

Absolute poverty corresponds to the situation wherein the individual person cannot survive or live due to lack of basic needs or resources such as food, water, clothes, medicines and the likes. On the other hand, Relative Poverty is the situation wherein the person could not satisfy his personal wants but this does not imply that… View Article

Global Stratification

Please choose one example of a third world country that was colonized (like Jamaica) and apply one of the theories learned in this week (i. e. world system theory, neo-colonialism, culture of poverty, etc. ) to analyze its economic conditions. Answers: North Korea is the only country of socialistic type which didn’t take any steps… View Article

Global Stratification

Global Stratification speaks of social division and inequality. It means that the treatment for different societies is dependent on their varying classes. This phenomenon exists not only within a single society; rather it happens with a global perspective. As such, societies are stratified in relation to the status as compared to other societies around the… View Article