Strategy Implementation Essay

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Strategy Implementation

According to MacLennan (2011), strategy implementation is also known as strategy execution and it a process that the organisation used to implement it planning and take the strategy into action in order for the organisation to achieve or realise the strategic objectives, goals, visions and missions. Furthermore according to Draft and Marcic (2009), there are some challenges and difficulties when a business environment faces some difficulties at the time of executing the strategy, for example, high competition in the market. And these difficulties are generally critical for the management to implement the strategy.

Furthermore according to Smit (2000), good formulated strategies will not succeed if the organisations do not execute the implementation properly and also it is considered as a sort of threat for the employees and management and in order for the strategy implementation to be possible, there must be stability between the organisation and the strategy.

The roles of strategy execution
According to Smit (2000), the roles of the strategy execution is the intervention of aligning a company actions or activities with the strategic. Furthermore according to Smit (2000), the consensus is a major factor related in the implementation of decision making process and the process of execution is very complex such as political process or external and internal resource negotiation.

The responsibilities of strategy execution
According to Hill and Jones (2008), the responsibilities of strategy execution consist of the process of assigning employees and management to specific roles and tasks and providing guidance and resources for the specific tasks or assignments in a way that each and every one involve are responsible and also to build a competitive advantage such as innovation, quality or to increase efficiency.

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