Strategically evaluation the airlines based on your choice using the SWOT analysis

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SWOT are meaning of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. First, we discuss the strengths of Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacific established in 1946, it’s a long history experience base on Hong Kong. It is a large-scale international airline around the world, includes flights to Asia, Europe, Africa and USA. The services that this airline provides are passenger transport and cargo services to 167 destinations in 42 countries and territories around the world.

The Cathay Pacific is a strong financial position from Swire Group and its acquisition of Dragon Air is the market leader in Asia.

The Airlines is a strong relationship with Air China and China Government are increased shareholding in Air China, it is a majority shareholding in Air Hong Kong with all cargo carrier services. On the other hand, they well-trained labor force of the high quality service, it around 29,800 employees in the world and the superb team is about 22,000 in Hong Kong. Cathay Pacific is adapting in organizational structure.

At last, Cathay Pacific development of online service for its business growth, the passenger can book on the website for operating in many routes easily.

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{1} It have strong Media Centre and awards, for example, Slogan “Asia’s world city Hong Kong”, World’s Best Overall Airline, Best first class lounge and most punctual airline between London and Hong Kong. After that, provide the new types A340 of aircrafts for saving energy and efficient operations. Some of the long haul flights are always 100% Full. Second, the weaknesses of the Cathay Pacific are strong labor union and potential strike and negotiations.

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The environment of Long Haul Equipment, apparently the current A340 and B744 both of them have their weakness, B744 still have a little bit noisy, and A340 have a narrow cabin to affect the comfort. There are low margins and keen price competition. However, it is earning per share under fluctuation and uncertainty. Third, the Opportunities are stable economic growth and increase the needs of traveling in Asia. It development of global travel and tourism industry and air freight and logistics it is because of globalization. There is relaxation of China policy in outbound tour.

The expansion of cargo services in new markets (Zhengzhou and Hyderabad). It is planning for a new establishment of {5} Joint Venture business with Shanghai’s 2 international airports. For the people, they can tend to luxury flight experience and passages know Cathay Pacific is safety. Finally, Threats of the Cathay Pacific is high fuel cost, and it is increasing competition from low cost carriers like the HK Airline and Air Asia. It became the economic fluctuation in Europe and USA. {6} It is potential terrorist attack under unstable world political situation.

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