Strategic Quality And Systems Management Essay

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Strategic Quality And Systems Management

This unit provides the learner with an understanding of the importance of effective quality and systems management to enable achievement of organisational objectives. It also provides the learner with the skills to be able to implement a strategic quality change in an organisation.


You have been hired as an outside consultant to devise, implement and manage a new operational framework for student attendance monitoring and engagement in EThames Graduate school.

You are required to look at the existing quality management within the organisation particularly focusing on punctuality of students within the attendance policy. You need to implement a strategic quality change, ensuring the necessary monitoring evaluation systems are in place and evaluating the outcomes of the change to improve punctuality of students at EThames Graduate school.

You will need to particularly focus on improvement of punctuality of students, as there has been concerns raised by study representatives of all intakes during the student council meeting that there are tiny number of students who seems to be coming into the class fifteen minutes late into the lesson and this has created disruption for students who are in class on time.

Nonetheless, EThames Graduate School recognises the relationship between good attendance, punctuality and student success. This Policy also recognises the requirements of the Home Office for Tier 4 students. Persistent lateness and lack of attendance is disruptive to the teaching and learning activities of all college students.


The aims of this policy are:
To enable all absences to be fairly and consistently dealt with across the College. To monitor and improve the attendance of all students.

In interpreting the policy and associated procedures, the decision of the College is final. The College may amend this policy at any time or depart from it depending on the circumstances of the case.

Attendance requirements

As part of the terms and conditions of enrolment at the College, students agreed to comply with the EThames Code of Conduct, which specifies that students are expected to attend all lectures, seminars and tutorials. Where attendance is unsatisfactory students will be subject to the Student Disciplinary Procedure, and registration on the programme may be cancelled, and if applicable Tier 4 sponsorship may be withdrawn. Students are expected to arrive punctually and attend all classes, compulsory activities, tutorials and review sessions.

Please follow the reference below for more information:

EThames Graduate School (2014) EThames General Documentation: Attendance Policy. Last accessed on 16th May, 2015 at 18.00:

Focused on the scenario above provide your answer in a form of a written report.

Task 1
Make a case to the principle for change

Here you will need to:

Create the plan for strategic quality change of the student attendance monitoring and engagement framework particularly on punctuality with the aim of enhancing existing quality. Plan a strategic quality change to improve organisational performance. (AC:3.1) Define resources, tools and systems to support business processes in a strategic quality change. (AC:3.2) Design systems to monitor the implementation of a strategic quality change in EThames. (AC:3.4) Write a report justifying your plan that

Explains of the importance of effective operations management in achieving organisational objectives. (AC:1.1) Explains of the importance of effective quality management in achieving organisational objectives. (AC:2.1) Evaluate the success of existing operations management processes in meeting an organisation’s overall strategic management objectives. (AC: 1.2) Evaluates the success of existing quality management processes in meeting an organisation’s overall strategic management objectives. (AC:2.2) Evaluates the wider implications of planned strategic quality change in the organisation. (AC:3.3) Present a summary of your proposal along with your report and plan to key stakeholders in the College.

Task 2

From your class, one framework will be chosen. You will then group together as a team with clear divisions and responsibilities and tasked with implementing the change in association with Student Services and the Attendance Team.

Make sure that you

Implement a strategic quality change. (AC: 4.1)
Embed a quality culture in the organisation and ensure that the team continuously monitors and develops the plan. (AC: 4.2) Individually monitor and review the implementation regularly (AC: 4.3)

Note: You are responsible for ensuring that each part of the plan is implemented, embedded and monitored. You can delegate tasks to other members of your team, but you cannot delegate responsibility for oversight. And you are also responsible for evidencing your oversight.

The evidence we require of your engagement with oversight
Minutes of every meeting you attend with clear indication that you have participated
Your preparation notes for every meeting
Detailed proposals for implementation or development that you have submitted at every meeting A record of all action you have taken, signed by a witness from within EThames Monitoring reports that you have completed on a daily basis reviewing the effectiveness of the implementation and the effectiveness of the plan

Task 3
Evaluate the success of the implementation
Write a report that evaluate the outcomes of a strategic quality change in an organisation and recommend areas for improvement to a strategic quality change that align with organisational objectives. (AC: 5.1 &5.2)

Submission Guidelines
Your submission should be in a report format. 3500- 4000 words Excellent Formatting:
Preferred writing styles Arial, Verdana, and Times New Roman Line spacing
1.5, Font Size 12
Consistency in Heading Scheme, bullets and numbering
Consistency in top, bottom and left, right margins
Alphabetical Harvard referencing and bibliography

*For Late Submission policy, please refer to your student course handbook available on Live Campus.

Plagiarism Rules and Regulations

No plagiarism is accepted in assignments and students are advised to do the referencing correctly according to the Harvard Referencing System. Students are advised to submit assignments with a plagiarism percentage below 15%. Any student submitting an assignment with a percentage of more than 15% will have their work reviewed by the appropriate Exam Board. Reduce your plagiarism by not sharing assignments and doing in text citations of sources used, using the Harvard referencing method

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is the software that EThames uses to calculate the similarity of your assignment to any other document submitted in the same system all over the world.

What happens when you submit an assignment on Turnitin?

You submit your assignment on Turnitin by submitting it on Livecampus on the assignment submission link. Your assignment is then compared with all of the assignments for all the different units submitted on Livecampus as well as assignments submitted by other students in other colleges and books and documents all over the world. The report generated is not the final report. The final report will only be generated after the final deadline which would mean that once the submission link closes and once every student submitted assignments at EThames for the specific unit, only then the final report will be generated. This means that if you have shared your assignment with anybody and they have submitted part of it or the full assignment the initial report your friend got would’ve indicated the similarity, but your report would’ve remained unchanged. This is because the report is refreshed every time that you upload your assignment and then finally after the deadline. After the deadline their plagiarism will be high as well as your own.

What can you do to avoid getting a high Turnitin score?

Do not copy pieces of work from any book or website. It needs to be rewritten in your own words and proper in text citation should be done according to the Harvard referencing method Do not share your assignment with any friend, not even to assist them


Plagiarism is passing off the work of others as your own. This constitutes academic theft and is a serious matter which is penalised in assignment marking. Plagiarism is the submission of an item of assessment containing elements of work produced by another person(s) in such a way that it could be assumed to be the student’s own work. Examples of plagiarism are: The verbatim copying of another person’s work without acknowledgement

The close paraphrasing of another person’s work by simply changing a few words or altering the order of presentation without acknowledgement The unacknowledged quotation of phrases from another person’s work and/or the presentation of another person’s idea(s) as one’s own. Copying or close paraphrasing with occasional acknowledgement of the source may also be deemed to be plagiarism if the absence of quotation marks implies that the phraseology is the student’s own. Plagiarised work may belong to another student or be from a published source such as a book, report, journal or material available on the internet.

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