Strategic Management Essay

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Strategic Management

Having read a case study about the Apple computer company, I as the senior manager of my company have decided to perform a SWOT analysis about the company.  This is in a close attempt of developing various strategies to improve my company whose turn over seems to be falling of recently.   The Apple company is doing well with relatively a high increasing annual profit and indeed high rate of expansion where it has even opened other distributory branches all over the country.

            The company has a highly intensified marketing and advertisement probe.  In the recent past, it has held a diversified advertisement campaign through the media, Internet, newspapers, and even sales promotions.  Due to this marketing campaign, people have been able to have awareness about the product of the company.  Perhaps, this is what causes the company sales to be growing in such a high manner.

            It has a good cooperate governance in its administration structure, where the responsibilities of each party are well defined.  All the members in this administration works in conjunction with one another and the offices of different administrators are allocated with different responsibilities.  For example, there is the office of the human resource manager, financial manager, marketing, logistics and project manager.  The company decisions are determined by a Board of directors. (Drejer, 2002, p. 81)

            The company depicts a good costing system, where optimatility in resource allocation is fostered in marketing, logistics, company administrative performance and other related costing areas.  It has exercised an optimal allocation of its resources which includes, service rendering, product, administrative and human resource capital. (Warner, 2001, p.56)

            Technology is highly developed in the company, where most of the tasks and responsibilities are performed with high technical methods. The company has been perceived to use high computerized network in its administration.  Either, it has employed developed and advanced technical methods, where financial, human resource, sells and distribution and logistics databases are said to be highly pronounced.  Such technological development is said have improved efficiency above quality and optimality in resource allocations. (Roney, 2004, p.48)

            The company has maintained a good financial management system where the financial data analysis has been done by advanced computerized accounting system.  The management and human resource capital in the financial department comprises of highly academically qualified personnel’s.  Over the years, the company audited results have been voted as good results.   The finance department is also manned by high regulations that entail only performance by its workers under strict regulations. (Roney, 2004, p. 51)

            It is depicted to have a good human resource capital, where high qualified professionals have been employed to man different offices and departments.

            Either, the company is depicted to have a strategy in its operations; its operations consist of many branches, agents and brokers all over the country.  It has also engaged in other methods of sales where it is having deliveries of good and services to the customer.

            However the same company is affected by some weakness.  Firstly, it is having a too authoritative and self-decision making top management.  Rather than initiating the voice of the shareholder and other third parties to be business, the top management has been the sole decision maker in the company.  This constitutes too excessive powers of the directors and top branch managers.

            Either the company has seemed to make different diversified allocations on financial expenditure in marketing and forming further expansion.  This is a weakness as it may ruin excessive expenditure by the company.

            Due to its current good performing nature, the company is able to perform and expand more.  In respect to its strategies, it is able to compete well in the highly competitive market.  Perhaps the current expansion and development in the company can be attributed to its mode of strategies in management.  If the company continues to use such strategies, it will be able to compete more with its competitors and even have a expansion and related profit turnovers.

       Despite the good performance of the Apple Company, its authoritative top administration is a big threat to its expansion.  This brings the problem of managerialism, whereby the activities of a company are totally determined by the management.  This is a threat in its financial system in which the top management may squander/misuse the company’s finances.  Such an authoritative administration is a threat to the company’s expansion.

            Because my company depicts to have strategic weakness in its management the solution to this would be to compliment with development in management strategies.

            Firstly, my company lacks good corporate governance which has lead to conflicts in its management.   There are no clear regulations as to the roles of different parties in its administration.  Therefore it would be important to ensure such good governance and more so, delicate duties adequately to all its offices.

            My company has performed poor in its market campaign in product awareness to our customers.  This is an important area if our company is to improve.

            Elsewhere, my company has been using low level of technological orientation, where most of the duties have been performed manually and inconsistency in data and information availability.  If the company is to improve therefore, it has to improve its information technology for more databases for easy availability of information.

            Since we have had poor costing system, improving on such would ultimately mean lower cost and hence higher profit.

            My company has also had weaknesses in allocating its resources.  Our resource allocation has not been to a full and optimal scale.   Some resources have been under utilized and misallocated.  However, expansion of our company ultimately calls for improvement in allocation of its resources.


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