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There are many dramatic devices used within this play especially around the tense confrontation between Eddie and Marco. The main device used is the stage directions. It shows how at first Eddie separates himself from the group and turns to Marco a lot for support. The biggest stage direction which reveals Eddies biggest emotion is when ‘He has bent the rolled paper and it suddenly tears in two.’ As this happens at the moment Eddie is talking about what Rodolpho should do it tells us much about Eddie’s feelings.

Such as him tearing the paper in two could be a way of showing how Eddie could easily break Rodolpho if he wished.

These are good for displaying messages that are not spoken by the characters. There are many motifs including the paper doll song and if the audience read the words carefully then it would be very dramatically effective. This is because the lyrics of the song relate to what is happening in the play ‘It’s tough to love a doll that’s not your own’.

This applies to how the audience may think that Eddie is feeling about Catherine.

Alfieri’s commentary is also a significant dramatic device used within the play. Alfieri displays his feelings about the situation at hand and what is almost a summary of what is happening. It is as if he is telling of the story of what has happened to the family. The difference in his language compared to the others in the play makes a big impact on the way Alfieri is seen to be.

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The writer has thought about many ways in which Alfieri can increase expectations and cause more of an atmosphere within the way the audience view the play. The way he talks about Eddie ‘eyes like tunnels’ show us what he thinks of him. This particular quote shows us Eddie is a straightforward person and it is easy to see that. Phrases like this are good because of the use of metaphors.

There are many underlying messages in this play. One of the main themes is family loyalty. This is shown by Eddie’s protection. Eddie shows his loyalty towards Catherine a lot. Mostly when he tries to stop her from being with Rodolpho as he thinks he only wants her for the papers. He tries very hard to protect Catherine but the audience knows it is also for his own benefit. Marcos also has a very big sense of family loyalty but it is more towards his family in Sicily. He shows his loyalty by everything he does for them. When he earns money it gets sent over and he speaks very highly of them. He is always loyal to Rodolpho but at the beginning not as much as he is worried about jeopardizing their safety of staying there. In the end forced by Eddie’s actions Marco switches his focus and has to defend Rodolpho as they are close family and it is as the right thing to do.

Also another theme is justice. This is shown mostly between Eddie and Marco. This is because of the difference in culture between Sicily and America. When Eddie goes to see Alfieri in Act Two it shows a lot about how they both feel differently about Justice. Eddie is very set on trying to get Rodolpho sent away for all the wrong reasons. ‘I know it, Mr Alfieri, the guy ain’t right.’ this shows how Eddie does not understand that the law has to be based on something.

Marco even though from a different culture still has very high views on justice. He feels that after what Eddie does in Act Two it would be dishonorable not to kill him. He says about how in his country he would already be dead. This shows us his views on justice. It shows how Sicily has different ways of dealing with problems. When he is talking to Alfieri he says ‘All the law is not in a book’ this shows he also would take matters into his own hands. When Alfieri replies ‘Yes. In a book. There is no other law.’ it shows he also has very different views. He feels that everything should be done by the law and justice should not be dealt with by one person.

The title could show us that the play is about a difference in culture. ‘A View from a Bridge’ could mean things including that they are crossing a boundary into somewhere that is very different. The bridge is very symbolic and shows that Sicily and America have two very separate cultures. As in they are both at either end of the Bridge. Also in the play the way Marco and Rodolpho have to adjust so much from one culture to another is very significant. The tragic ending in the play is now almost inevitable because we have seen how Marco and Eddie both have very strong views and are willing to take matters into their own hands. This tells us that the play will not have a happy ending.

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