This story is a good example of how it the corporate world works. The parable begins with a mountain-climbing expedition in the Himalayas, by some Americans that had a one in a lifetime trip to climb the mountain. There were four other groups from other countries that was climbing also. Stephen, from the American group would face the decision of a life-and-death situation that had a lasting impact on his understanding of the moral obligation of individuals in corporate organizations. The experiences raise many ethical question about values, solving moral dilemmas, ethical conduct in the work place, the pressures of organizational life, and how managers face between individual/business ethics.

During the long hike upwards the Americans, met one group of the other climbers that had come upon an Indian Holy man lying on the long path with no clothing on. Stephen wanted to help the man back to the village; every group did only the bare minimum and went on their merry way.

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Something occurred to him that had a powerful impact on his thinking about corporate ethics.

This situation happens to people everyday in the corporate world. Someone see another person down or uses another person as a stepping stone to move up the ladder. This type of behavior is used to get what they want no matter how many people they hurts to reach their goals. How this group responded should hold a lesson for all organizations no matter how defined. What if the Holy man was the same nationally of any of the groups involved in the climb, or a well dress man.

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How many would have actually help him out beyond what each group did.

We should always do what is morale and ethical, in every aspect of our life. God gave his only begotten son for the world and this had to come to pass for our sins. Jesus taught us to love one another as bothers and sisters. We must do unto others as they do unto us. By helping others, not stepping on them or mistreating them is the right way to go. By have compassion for down the right things and making an ethical decision with morals could be rewarding in the end. Some point in our life we will all need a break or a helping hand to get something we want in .

My interest in this story is, that I can relate to the experience of the mountain climbing in my career. The group that I was in had a male soldier that went out drinking the night before and paid for it the next. Instead of coming in first place we had to settle for fourth place. I and another soldier went back and help the soldier to finish to the end with the rest of the group. Even thought there was a reward for the first and second place team , we hade to all finish before our time stop. He learn a lessen to do what he was told to do because it cause us first place and it made us not able to go on pass that weekend. I did not like that the people in this story was just thinking about finish and making it to the top on the mountain to say that they have done it. If I was there I would have help the Holy man and made sure that he had made it back to the village to get the right care. Everyday we make choices all day long but we must make the right choices. The right choice was not made in this story but just the minimum. People need to think about have important it is to always help one another and other people that we may come in contact with.

What you do to others will come back to hunt you now or later in life. Having the feeling at the end of the day knowing that you have done and made the right ethical decision is good. The corporate world is a dog-eat-dog world and women/minorities are step on just to reach the top. By the end of the story Stephen understood that his experience in the mountains with the Holy man open his eyes. To make the right individual ethical decision was a very important thing to him because it open his eyes what was happening in the corporate job he had back in the United States.

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