Story of Stuff Essay

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Story of Stuff

The “The Story of Stuff” opened my eyes letting me realize that the stuff we use in our everyday life, even how small it is shall not be taken for granted. The normal process that I know about how a product is made and sold was really just based on “textbook information”, it did not include how natural resources of mother earth are being exploited by these huge companies so that they could produce a product , which these big companies earn huge profits from. It also made me think, what on earth is the government doing , rather than protecting and defending the natural resources we have, they allow these big companies to exploit our resources, even if these resources are non-renewable like fossil fuel, metals, ores, etc.

It is a sad reality that almost all of our forest have already been cut down, and yet this corporations who still wants to cut them have no “ corporate environmental responsibility” , what they want is always earning more profit. They should think that if all the resources in earth runs out, even money can not revert the damage they have done to these non-renewable resources. Also they can not already buy these resources from the over-exploited third world countries. One day they would realize that “ When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.” – Native American saying

These capitalist corporations or businesses should already be banned or even prohibited in conducting business operations that would ruin mother earth, the future of us who are still young is already in grave danger and peril because of what they have done. As we can see, during the recent decades our weather system is already in disarray. Hurricanes and typhoons become more stronger, abnormal weather conditions such as extreme heat during summers, La Nina, and El Nino are now more frequent. And yet these corporations or businesses are ignoring the fact that they are the number one contributor to these man made disasters which was unheard of during the past century.

Lastly, we the consumers should also choose which products we should buy. We need to buy products that comes from a environmental friendly and sustainable corporations or industries. We should avoid the temptation of buying cheap , low-quality products because more or less they are made of cheap , poisonous and non -renewable materials and the labor they use are usually underpaid in order for them to sell their products at a low price. Ultimately, we the consumers is the sole judge whether or not a corporation, industry, or business survives, it is up to us whether we will continue to buy their products or we will stop buying from them and let them perish .

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