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Story of Doctor Faustus

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Doctor Faustus continues his travels, deceiving a horse courser on the way. Faustus sells the man a horse that transforms into a straw bale as it is ridden into a river. Soon, Faustus receives an invite to the court of the Duke of Vanholt, where he is asked to perform a number of feats. The horse courser arrives to the court, with him, Robin and Rafe and a number of others who have been victimized by Faustus’s witchery. However, Faustus is quick to place them all under a spell and sends them all on their way, much to the amusement of the duke and his wife.

As his twenty four year exchange with Lucifer comes to an end, Faustus begins to fear his imminent death. He asks that Mephistopheles summon Helen of Troy, and attempts to use her presence to sway a group of scholars. Faustus is urged by an old man to repent for his soul, but he drives the man away.

Again, he summons Helen of Troy and regals in her beauty.

However, with time growing short, Faustus shares details about his pact with the group of scholars, who are noticeably affected and promise to pray for him. On the last evening before the end of his twenty four year pact, Faustus is weak with fear and regret. He attempts to repent, pleads for mercy, but learns that it is too late. When the clock strikes midnight, he is met by a host of devils who tear his soul from him and descend to hell.

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The following morning, Faustus’s limbs are discovered by the scholars and they plan to host a funeral for him.

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