Story of an Hour Essay

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Story of an Hour

In A Story of an Hour, Mr. Bentley Mallard was a controling figure that completely dominated his marriage with his wife Mrs. Louise Mallard. Through out the story Mrs. Mallard longed for some sort of freedom. She could never have that freedom because from a young early age she was empowered by her parents and when she became of age she married and her husband became in charge. You see freedom is something that we all crave, whether it be something insignificant or something earth shattering we all have the will and desire to do whatever we please no matter how silly it is we long to do things with out judgment or with out someone telling you what to do and how to do it.

From the time that I was born, to the time that I reached about 14 years old there was an invisible barrier that developed called “The Sacred Places” in life. This “Sacred Place” separated me from the outside world. As a kid I was always told to stay inside unless I went outside with a parent or some sort of guardian watching over me. The reason behind this was not to keep us from all of the fun things that are outside of the four walls of my house, but it was to keep me safe and secure from harm.

However if I did happen to go outside with out any sort of supervision I were punished with a spank or a stern voice informing me to never do that again or else I would be in bigger trouble. In A Story of an Hour, Louise Mallard was trapped in her home and was not aloud to go outside under any circumstance. Mr. Mallard didn’t let her go out because in those days women were treated as property and not as actual people with rights.

When I was a little bit younger I thought that I knew everything and that I was my own person that had nobody to tell me what to do, and although I thought I knew it all until I reached the age of 18 I had to realized that I was my parents property and I had to submit to there authority. No matter what I did or what I said to them to try to convince them to let me do something that I wanted to do they would always stay true to there decision even it made me upset and frustrated with my parents.

In the Story of an Hour, Mr. Mallard (the husband) was the head of the house; this meant that the house and everything in it was his including that people that lived in it. Being that Mrs. Mallard was his wife, he too owned her. Unlike me, Mrs. Mallard was contempt; she knew her role and her place in society and with out a word she obeyed she was used to this because this is how she was raised her whole life, she never questioned any authority. During this era married women and children were not aloud outside unless there were special circumstances such as a wedding or funeral, etc. This somewhat resembled my family because as I said before if I was being supervised by someone that was older than me and responsible (special circumstance) I was aloud outside to play in the yard. However I was aloud to go out when there wasn’t a funeral or wedding.

When it comes down to it I believe that every single person wants freedom, I remember as a young kid looking out of windows everywhere I went. I would always look out and imagine what certain things looked like. For instance when I would drive on the freeway going towards Phoenix I would always pass the downtown area of Tucson and I would see big buildings towering over the city and I always wondered who lived there, what type of foods were over there, and many more different things like that. I think what fascinates all of us is being able to understand and know the unknown. What’s behind the curtain? What’s behind the wall? What’s behind door number three?

Those are questions we all ask. Throughout A Story of an Hour I honestly wasn’t captured by the story until Mrs. Mallard was lying on her deathbed. They story says that “she looked out the window”. To me when the author says this I believe that she is yearning for the outside world and thinking about all of the things she could have done. 1 can only imagine what is going through her mind at this point because when I was 13 I would long to do something I wasn’t aloud to do and was always so consumed by the fact that I would have to stay behind and do whatever my parents did, but Mrs. Mallard on the other hand is on her Deathbed and has no control of what she can do anymore. Mrs. Mallard hasn’t done any of the things that she truly wanted to do in life and is forced to watch the world go by while she is helplessly on her deathbed.

Has there ever been a time in your life where you wanted something so bad for so long but never actually got it, but on the day you finally got it suddenly lost interest in the object. Well that’s how I was. From the age of 14 I wanted to drive and do my own thing. I literally counted down the days that I would be able to drive. The day finally came when I could drive and I was so excited and for the next few months I was on cloud nine. However as time went on I found my self strongly disliking the chore of driving, and I would be always asked to drive at night when I was tired so my dad could sleep, or my parents would ask me to go to the store for them at 11pm. The things that I didn’t think about, came back to haunt me.

Another example would be when I would ask for the new game system that had just came out and after a few months it would be stuck behind the closet collecting dust because I was bored of it. Mrs. Mallard never had that freedom; she never had a choice or anything like that so it was something that she couldn’t have that made her want to be her own person. At the end of the story she was told that her husband had died, she became so excited that her heart began to beat at an extremely fast rate. Freedom and independence were something that she longed for, for such a long time and she finally had it.

When Mr. Mallard walked into the room her heart and mind filled with so many emotions, she didn’t know what to do and how to do it so she was completely shocked. According to the doctors she died of joy. She thought that she had finally been freed from the life she was living but when she saw her husband things change. I believe that we all long to be our own person with no direction, but I believe that over time we grow accustomed to the things we are comfortable with even if we don’t like what we are doing.

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