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One day in there was a person named Matthew Evrison and he lived in Ames, Iowa he turned 19 last month so he moved out from his parents house in Madison, Wisconsin and he had a bright future he was going to start a new job in New York. Then one day he was going through his mail and he got some official looking letter when he opened it he got a nasty surprise it said to go to the enlisting office to get his physical and he stopped reading his face turned white and he was panicking and he knew that he had to go to the hell hole that is called Vietnam and he spent hours after hours worrying about how it was going to be and then he realized something he could enlist in the navy because he did not want to fight on land.

So he got accepted to the na99vy.When he told his parents they were so proud of him because they were patriotic to their country and on the day he was shipped out he was on the boat the uss boston on the long boat ride he had made a few friends along the way him and Huff made good friends but they thought differently throughout the war huff did not want to kill anybody and Matthew wanted to kill some of the people responsible for this disaster.

But they got along fine and they talked about how their lives are going but on one unusually hot morning they were attacked when they were patrolling one aria of the border and because huff was assigned the role of a gunner he was exited so he can try out the huge machine guns that he was stationed to.

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And millions of shots go bye and explosions going closer and closer and when When the fight was done and the USS Boston live to fight another day. And thanks for the battle everybody on the USS bus and was rewarded with the round trip home. By the time they got there talks about NASA going to the Moon was everything that everybody was talking about and there were a lot of protests about the Vietnam War because it was the first televised War in US history and thanks that he got no applause whenever he came back he was disrespected for being a US sailor but he didn’t really care about them all he really cared about was his parents thinking he was Brave by the time we got home he had got home and he knocked on his parents door nobody was in there whenever he decided to go back to his own place he did not really he did not know what was really happening he met his dad at a gas station he wondered about why they weren’t home.And his dad told him the worst possible news ever is Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and she’s in the hospital right now getting her surgery to remove the cancer her from her lungs. Matthew the entire time is listening and dying on the inside he’s realizing that is mom might not live to see him another time in his sailor uniform. And he rushed to the hospital with his dad not knowing if the surgery was a success or not there was still a little hope for Matthew’s mom. By the time he gets there the surgery is finished and the doctors tell him and his dad that it worked she has no more cancer. The second Matthew heard that he was excited and he knew that if his mother was able to survive lung cancer he was able to survive one war he got to talk with his mom asked how she’s doing and tell her all about what are you doing after all he was only an engineer on the ship and the time he was in battle he was just helping reload the Cannons or the machine guns with amo but his mother appreciated that he joined the war and decided to fight for his country and for all the Vietnamese rights but there was this little voice in Matthews head saying we should do this this is not our problem we should know we should not enter this war but he just pushed it deep down inside him when he had a return to the USS Boston he had a lot to talk about. His life is going pretty good now he may have just learned about them his mother’s cancer but just whenever you learned about it his mother was done with the surgery and she was cancer-free so was a good week for him. He got back with huff and started talking about how is week had gone Huff was pretty surprised on what he did and how and what his mother went through he was pretty proud to call Matthew his friend by the time they went they got back to Vietnam Matthew was pretty confident that the US will win this war then him and Huff and the entire platoon we’re moved to a different ship instead of cruising the nice ocean waters they were supposed to now go through the rivers of Vietnam a lot more dangerous action it was a lot smaller than the Uss boston made for cruising the murky waters of Vietnam and it was armed to the teeth machine guns flamethrowers everything you could imagine was there and everybody had to fight.Huff was still a Gunner and Matthew was promoted from engineers assistant to assistant head engineer.And everybody had a battle station Huff was assigned to a moater team.The ship was cruising the rivers and it was shot at once then twice then a ray of bullets came and everyone went crazy ro go to their battle stations.As the fight went on a blast came from the engine room and then the ship was sinking people had to abandon ship and now the one military branch not supposed to be fighting on land was fighting on land eventually the shots stopped and Matthew and Huff went to explore the jungle.While exploring Huff stepped on a landmine and the two of them started to panic they both knew that if he took a single step he would die it was not looking so good they had came up with a plan because they were on a hill they could just jump of the hill and survive Huff and Matthew were talking about it and they decided to do it and they both jumped at the same time and they lived while they were walking back to the camp a vietcong saw them and shot at them when they killed him Matthew had been shot in the spine and could not walk and

Huff had been shot in the gut. Huff decided that he was already going to die and he used the rest of his energy to save Matthew by the time they got to camp Huff had all most died and the medics declared him dead one hour later.Matthew was headed home he was unable to move from the waist down.And some people stopped talking about the war and focused on more important things like the moon landing which is supposed to be happening now but Matthew hadn’t heard about it when he got home he hung out with his hole family and watched the moon landing and ever since then Matthew’s life had turned around he was offered a better job for the same corporation that hired him months ago and he had a good life ever since the Vietnam war.

-Antonio Finley

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