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Paths of Glory vs All Quiet on the Western Front

“Paths of Glory” and “All Quiet on the Western Front” are two different stories about the 1st world war. They are similar and different in their own ways. Many children born in North America usually grow up seeing war movies from the America’s point of view. This is different in Paths of Glory and All… View Article

Reliving a Memory through a Successful Narration

People weave hundreds of stories throughout the course of their lives. Most of them are experiences that brought fear, embarrassment or changes in their lives. More often than not, these stories are shared with other people in one way or another. Telling a story can be done through several ways. You can re-enact the scenario… View Article

Short stories

1. In Poe`s story he tries to create an effect for the reader. What is it, and how does he create it? The effect that Poe seeks to impart in the reader is how greed can lead to one’s downfall. This is created in the form of a cautionary tale where the victim’s blindness to… View Article

Why Althetes Use Ste Roids

There are two stories that we read that talked about Performance Enhancing Drugs. One was “Cheating and Cheating ” by Joe Posnanski, the other was “We, the Public the Best Athletes on Pedestals” by William Moller. Both of these stories explain in great detail on how using these drugs are wrong and change any game… View Article

Similar Themes in Different Stories

Literature is universal. Literature speaks of universal human experience that readers and authors alike can relate to. Because of its universality, themes and messages in literature can be common in various texts. In fact, two different pieces of literature may exhibit similar qualities even if they were written by different authors. Such is the case… View Article

Visages of Two Stories

Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find and Tobias Wolff’s Bullet in the Brain are two short stories each having unlikeable lead characters. Both stories revolved around the lives of the lead characters which were shown using humor and twists and turns. Flannery O’Connor, an American writer, was known for her Southern Gothic… View Article

The different stories

The protagonists from the different stories all seem to have their changes or their epiphanies occur quite quickly. These changes are not brought about by lengthy self-reflection or deep pondering, instead, they occur, seemingly, in a flash, as a series of events seem to suddenly open their eyes. For example, Robert, from “Cathedral”, goes through… View Article

Kate Chopin’s Short Stories

Kate Chopin is often catalogued as an insightful writer who saw ahead of her own time. Her work is filled with examples of the powerful forces which are at play in the human spirit and which go beyond the conventions of society. Chopin captures the ineffable essence of human relationships, outside the rules of social… View Article

Faulkner’s Short Stories

‘A Rose for Emily’ and ‘Barn Burning’ is both short stories created by William Faulkner. In both short stories, Faulkner used the Old Southern setting as his character’s orientation of culture and societal norms. Emily from the story of ‘A rose for Emily’ and Abner from the story of ‘Barn Burning’ both guilty of terrible… View Article

Truth Telling Violations

The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the truth telling violations presented in the Abraham and Rehab Bible stories. Both stories are indicative of deception that demonstrate how if people are placed in a position of uncertainty can lose their faith in performing a moral obligation which is telling the truth regardless… View Article

Boccaccio’s 4 Moral Stories

“…that just as stupidity can often remove one from a state of happiness and place him in the greatest misery, so, too can intelligence rescue the wise man from the greatest of dangers and restore him to his secure state” (Boccaccio 93-94) so begins the story of Saladin, who from the beginnings of pecuniary humbleness… View Article

Hypertext Games or Stories: Patchwork Girl

Information or messages may be communicated in so many ways depending on the conditions inherent within the various situations or environments wherein the process of communication shall take place. Determining the various ways or means by which information or messages, particularly facts and realities, are communicated is extremely significant not only because important information embedded… View Article


There have been many stories told in the past about Gods. Every story has its own supernatural spin, providing a forceful sense of cause and effect events. This almost always forms the cultural plot to describe a bad or good point in time. Certain sequences of myths describe a situation where god destroys mankind for… View Article

Whats Its Like to Be a Black Girl

The two stories I chose to write about and found interesting were Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer and What It’s like to be a Black Girl by Patricia Smith. The comparison and contrast seems ironic because these are stories of two different ethnical backgrounds that share some of the same struggles. All the way through… View Article

Who To Love

To begin, all of these stories are similar. This paper is going to be about how they are all similar. This is going to be about all of the stories that I read. The stories that I read are “Sweet Potato Pie” by Eugenia Collier “Initiation” by Sylvian Plath, and “Lalla” by Rosamunde Pilcher. These… View Article