Store layout Essay

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Store layout

Objectives of a Good Store Design
-Design should be consistent with retailers image and strategy -Design should positively influence consumer behavior
-Design should consider costs vs. value
-Design should be flexible
-Design should meet legal requirement
Store Layout
-Layout should entice customers to move around and shop the store -Good layouts can: increase store traffic, drive sales and build store loyalty. -If the layout is too complex- customers may find it difficult to find merchandise, become confused, frustrated and leave without buying anything. Ease of finding merchandise vs. and interesting layout

-Forcing customers to move through sections of the store
-Providing interesting design elements
-Space for customers vs. productivity
-Generate traffic through feature areas of the store
It’s A Science!
-80-90% of consumers will turn to the right when entering a store -Placing fixtures at a 45-degree angle to the entrance will encourage. -Customers to move along a fixed path exposing goods and stimulating impulse purchases -POS at or near the exit can also increase purchases

Types of Store Layout
-Long gondolas in repetitive pattern
-Easy to locate merchandise
-Limited site lines to merchandise
-Does not encourage customers to explore store
-Allows more merchandise to be displayed
-Cost efficient
-Used in grocery, discount, drug stores
-Loop, with a major aisle to facilitate customer traffic with access to
stores multiple entrances Free-Form (boutique) Layout
-Fixtures and aisles arranged asymmetrically
-Pleasant relaxing ambiance doesn’t come cheap- small store experience -Inefficient use of space
-More susceptible to shoplifting- salespeople can not view adjacent spaces -Used in specialty stores

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