Store and retrive information Essay

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Store and retrive information

Understand processes and procedures for storing and retrieving information Explain the purpose of storing and retrieving required information: The reason you store information is so you when you need it in the future you can easily find it. Most companies have to either store documents in fire proof cabinet’s or on hard disks or any other electronic storage devices. Most companies have confidential files about the company, employees or customers that have to follow the data protection act. Describe different information systems and their main features: Server – on the server at our company we use the server to store all are files for example financial data, HR files, sage and accounts, maintenance, training, HSBC, customers, employees, etc. these are all in relevant files so you can locate them easily. GX – our bespoke system saves all of the work that we have processed so you can locate them by going on to contracts and finding the relevant customer’s and looking what they have had from when they joined with our company and we can also look back in the past to see how much we have made and how many pieces we have sent out.

Explain the purpose of legal and organizational requirements for the security and confidentiality of information: Information that is stored in an organisation has to follow the security and confidentiality procedures. For example finances, customer’s and employee’s details should be secured and only certain members of staff should be able to access physical and electronic data unless you have been given authorisation. If information gets into the wrong hands it could have serious consequences and might lead to legal action. Explain the purpose of confirming information to be stored and retrieved: All companies store a lot of information, but if you store the wrong information that isn’t up to date or is not correct there is no use of it. So when storing information you should be cautious that it is proof read. You keep information for a reason so you should keep everything updated. The wrong information can be really serious if it falls in to wrong hands.

Describe ways of checking information for accuracy:
When you are saving important information it is essential that you proof read it, or if you are not sure get someone to double check it, as you only want accurate data. By using decent software to store database will help ensure that the information is accurate. Explain the purpose of checking information for accuracy:

All organisations have to check to make sure that there information is correct because if one thing is wrong for example in the financial department if the money that is coming in and going out is inaccurate, this might lead to staff might not get paid correctly or you haven’t got enough money to pay either staff or employers. Explain the purpose of providing information to agreed format and timescales: By having an agreed format in an organisation is called a house style by using a house style it will let other companies or customers identify who you are, for example by the font, logo, font size, emphasis and spacing. By not having this you don’t look very professional and will make things take longer if you have to use extra time making it right. By having a timescale will let staff and customers know when work will be completed by over running the timescale will make the company look unorganised and not very professional. Describe the types of information that may be deleted:

As a company goes on your will get more and more customers and might have some customers leave your company so you should always check the data and making sure it is accurate, so you don’t have any unwanted data. Most companies will have a policy on how long you should store data for and after that time it should be deleted or shredded following security and confidentiality procedures. Describe problems that may occur with information systems and how to deal with them, when necessary: When storing important information there is always going to be a risk whether it is saved onto a computer or it is physical because computers get viruses from attackers so you should always make sure that you have got proper security like antivirus software and firewalls need to be used as well as passwords. When you have physical information there is always a risk that there could be a fire or flood, or information can be seen by the wrong person who do not have authority to access information. You should always have locks and maybe even a fire proof cabinet for important documents.

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