Stonehenge or Stone Circles of Wessex

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Benjamin Ray’s new theory came out Stonehenge I,II, and III to be have a astrological purpose. He thought that there was a significance in it being built in a circle and in a open field. Benjamin Ray basically agreed with Geoffrey of Monmouth that had the theory of Stonehenge being a memorial. There was thoughts about the function of Stonehenge being used as a ritual interpretation connecting with astronomical orientation of the monument. The Bronze Age had paramount chief ships, used in ritual function of Stonehenge.

Basically Benjamin Ray’s, theory wasn’t very much different from earlier ones because nobody knows the truth about Stonehenge and why it is where it is but every person who comes up with a theory on it creates a bias and think of their own opinions as being a new theory.

There was many evidence around the Stonehenge like the Stone Circles of Wessex. There was a lot of the circles far away from Stonehenge because in it was in England and in a big open field.

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They were medium to small size henge context. Circles and henges are thought to be ritual centers for many people who weren’t only from England but around the world with religious purposes. There were astronomers who looked into Stonehenge and saw that it served as a solar, and lunar findings to be used for Calendrical purposes. The main reason and start to the theory probably came from its architecture and the way it was shaped.

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It was in a circle and was tall too, which brought many biased thoughts and new ideas. Like it being astronomically sufficient and that’s how Benjamin Ray’s idea came up.

The stones are shaped in many different shapes and forms. Since people believe Stonehenge was changed three times, the shapes, forms, and the material was also different. The thing behind the Stonehenge changing was because many years passed and more knowledge was progressed through the world and people wanted to create new, unique things like evolving Stonehenge and making it more newer and different. The article talked about how much work needed to be done in order to actually prove the theory, in which theories can’t always be proved because they are only opinions with not much of evidence around it unless actually progressed. My opinion on the theory isn’t very agreeable because, I don’t believe that astronomy had something to do with the stonehenge. I do believe that it could have been built by people to do something religious because there has been rumors and evidence of people being found all around the Stonehenge.

Benjamin’s Essay does have persuasive ideas and thoughts like the Stonehenge being in a circle around a circle that made a lot of people conclude that it might be connected to the sun and astronomy. For my own personal reason the theory that is most reasonable for me to conclude is the theory about religious doings. Since it seems to be believed that Stonehenge was rebuilt three times, that means that it might have been destroyed or used in some ways that many people in England might not know about but many of religious groups do know about and keep it to themselves.

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