Steven Biko Essay

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Steven Biko

“Steven Biko is not a hero, he is man like Donald Woods. They are both fighting for a better South Africa. ” Cry Freedom, written by John Briley is about apartheid in South Africa. Steve Biko is a black leader who encouraged his people to stand for their rights and fight without violence. Donald Woods, an editor for the local newspaper, was shown by Biko the difficult lives of the black people under the white government. Consequently, Woods understands the struggles of the blacks, and tries to help spreading Biko’s messages after he died.

I believe that both Steve Biko and Donald Woods are heroes because they were both fighting for a better South Africa. The situation in South Africa was that the black people wanted to break away from the control of the whites and wanted to have equality between white people. For example, White people live in big houses with electricity, whereas black people live in small and old houses without electricity. The black people must have a pass when they enter white peoples area, otherwise, they will go to prison.

For example, Steven Biko said “and even to stay In a legal township like this on, the white boss must sign your pass every month, the white government tells you which house to live in and what the rent is. ” Pg. 17 Steve Biko is a hero, he risked his life for a better South Africa. He had helped people and the majority of black people liked him, some white people too. “Let us have our place, in our own way, and then we will come together with our white brothers and sisters and find a way to live in peace. ” Biko said to Woods. Page16. Steve Biko built a clinic in Zanempilo.

He was explaining to Woods why he started clinic at Zanempilo, “when I was a student, I suddenly realised that it wasn’t just the job I was studying for that was white. The history we read was made by white men, written by white men. Television, medicine cars all invented by white men. Even football. ” Because he wanted black people to believe they have the same ability to be a doctor or a leader as a white man. When Steven Biko took Donald to show him the clinic, Steven Biko described the clinic as ‘A Clinic for black people, with black workers and a black doctors.

I think Donald Woods was also a hero because he was a very brave man and heroic person. He became a banned person when he tried to go to America and talk about Steven Biko’s death. The police said to him “You Donald James Wood are declared a banned person, for a period of five years. ” He even put his family and himself in danger to go to England and publish the book about Biko’s death. Also, Donald Woods gave a job to Mapetla and Tenjy who were two black people. He was happy to incorporate black people with white people to show this.

They’re going to cover black news. Weddings, music, sport, crime. There is nothing illegal in that. ” Donald says this when he tells Ken that Mapetla and Tenjy will be working for the Daily Dispatch. In conclusion, Steve Biko and Donald Woods were heroes. They did lots of things to improve South Africa. Steven Biko and Donald Woods wanted equality between black people and white people. Also, they both fought for the equality of races in South Africa. They both tried to Let South Africa governed by both white people and black people.

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