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Stereotypes of Asian Americans

Over 17 million people classified themselves as Asian or Asian-American in the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, but this growing population has been rendered invisible and not reflected in Hollywood films. Since the beginning of Hollywood, Asians specifically have been tyrannized with discriminatory under-representation and stereotyping in films and in the industry. When Asians are given roles, they are often given stereotypes as the ‘techie donning glasses with farfetched Chinese accents, or as merciless assassins and acrobatic Kung Fu masters’, not to mention the notorious ‘model minority’ stereotype of being intelligent, hard-working, and a goody-two-shoes which has done far more sabotage, than good.

This has enforced the idea that Asians are without importance — undeserving of well-balanced portrayals and story-telling.

Stereotypical representations of Asians do not only stay fixed on the screen, instead, they instil permanent perceptions of how Asians are seen outside of media which can leave detrimental consequences and feelings of inferiority by the Asian population. If Asians are not depicted by over-used stereotypes, then they are given no appearances at all — undetectable and invisible in films.

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Their ongoing marginalization in the industry has caused ravaging disturbance towards the viewpoint of Asians.

Through the recent production of the novelty romantic comedy film, Crazy Rich Asians, it identifies and emphasizes societal consequences that emerge from Asian portrayals as well as the impact on Asians in the entertainment industry. Crazy Rich Asians highlight the primary problems and concerns plaguing the population of Asian-Americans by presenting the Asian actors and actresses positively to the Asian and non-Asian public.

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