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Statistics Essay Examples

Essay on Statistics

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Problems and detailed solutions

As defined by different scholars and mathematicians, statistics refers to the science of developing conclusions and learning from data, calculating and making informed decisions about a phenomena and its behavior through the use of data from calculated assumptions such as mean, mode, standard deviation, variance, and probability among many others (Pestman & Alberink, 2008). The foll...

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Actuary

Daily routine of an actuary can be a rather stressful ordeal, being dealt with numerous tasks of analyzing statistical data Presenting reports and explaining their implications to managers and directors within specific deadlines Considering the risk of financial decisions for employers is some level of stress Continuous of stress can rather be tedious, feel meaningless and pretty boring Conclusion...

The Two-Point Threshold

A source of error is certainly the number of subjects in the experiment. For a strongly supported hypothesis I would suggest a follow up experiment with many more subjects to make sure this hypothesis is still supported because only a few too high or low numbers can certainly change the results with only seven subjects. Also I would suggest to have only one tester in the follow up experiment becau...

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Gulf Real Estate Properties

Gulf Real Estate Properties, Inc., is a real estate firm located in southwest Florida. The company, which advertises itself as " expert in the real estate market, " monitors condominium sales by collecting data on location, list price, sale price, and number of days it takes to sell each unit. Each condominium is classified as Gulf View if it is located directly on the Gulf of Mexico or No Gulf Vi...

Statistical methods in medical research

The misrepresentation of data can occur unintentionally as a result of human error or intentionally through bias misleading. (Graphical Misrepresentation, 2006) Unintentional misrepresentation can occur through bad sampling which is usually conclusive of sampling a small group in order to represent characteristics of a larger group or population. (Basics Statistical Concepts, 2011). One thing that...

Basic Statistics for Business and Economics

This info it all based off the given hypothesis and should result in proving the null hypothesis stated. When looking at the mean the distance noted between the hypothesis and the mean placed is a value given as a result of the probability of occurrence. When analyzing and testing the means of the two groups we use the variance analysis. An example of this type would be testing the means of the tw...

Quantitative Analysis - Dupree

Finally, it is suggested that the company actually examine how well the forecast that has been created works in real life. If the company finds that some customers are still emptying their heating oil tanks before a refill occurs, then this would allow for an examination of the particular customer data so that a reason for not identifying that the tank was low could be determined. The model that w...

Testing hypothesis

We found in Example 8.2 that if the null hypothesis were true, then p = .0262 that we could have selected this sample mean from this population. The criteria we set in Step 2 was that the probability must be less than 5% that we obtain a sample mean, if the null hypothesis were true. Since p is less than 5%, we decide to reject the null hypothesis. We decide that the mean score on the GRE General ...

A warm welcome to BN2102 Bioengineering data analysis


Importance of Mathematics and statistics to Economics

Statistical methods are used for preparation of these accounts. In economics research statistical methods are used for collecting and analysis the data and testing hypothesis. The relationship between supply and demands is studies by statistical methods, the imports and exports, the inflation rate, the per capita income are the problems which require good knowledge of statistics.Statistics are ev...

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Official Statistics In Sociological Research

Again, like questionnaires and social surveys, the data can be manipulated to support or reject a hypothesis; for example by the way the data is collected and categorised. Official statistics are generally not an in-depth profile of the sample being researched, unlike methods such as participant observation and longitudinal studies. However because these studies are more in-depth, they also tend t...

Chapter 7 Exam Review. Solve the problem.


Alternative hypothesis

A decision rule is simply a statement of the conditions under which the null hypothesis is accepted or rejected. To accomplish this, the sampling distribution is divided into two regions, aptly called the region of acceptance and the region of rejection. The region or area of rejection defines the location of all those values that are so large or so small that the probability of their occurrence u...

lies,damned lies and statistics

Bar Charts and Pictorial Graphs should have areas proportional to values (only make comparisons in one dimension) 7. Semiattached Figure Target Population: Group we want to make inference regarding Study Population: Group or items that experiment or survey is conducted on When comparative studies are conducted among products,treatments, or groups; what is the comparison product, treatment, or grou...

Solution Focused Therapy

Sheperis, C.J., Daniels, M.H., & Young, J.S. (2009). Counseling Research: Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methods. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson. McCleary, R., & Hay, R.A., Jr. (1980). Applied time series analysis for the social sciences. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. Crosbie, J. (1993). Interrupted time-series analysis with brief single-subject data. Journal of Consulting and Cli...

Analysis of Market and Customers of Pampers Diapers

Thereby, it is an effective advertising way for Pampers to build public community to let customers have access of talking with others in order to know more about the products. Furthermore, there is a trend that women are having children later, so Pampers should focus on advertising products with a wider range of age of women giving birth and the most important thing is to know the needs of consume...

Hypothesis Testing

There is sufficient evidence to support the claim that the mean tar content for king size cigarettes is greater than that of filtered 100 mm cigarettes. o What does the result suggest about the effectiveness of cigarette filters? It appears that cigarette filters are effective in reducing tar. Listed below are systolic blood pressure measurements (mm Hg) taken from the right and left arms of the s...

Provisions And Contingencies

(1) Under IFRSs: The land contamination gives rise to a constructive obligation because the conduct of the entity has created a valid expectation in other parties that the entity will clean up the contamination (IAS 37.17). Also, it is probable that payments are required. Thus, a provision is recognized for the best estimate of the cleanup costs. (2) Under US GAAP: An environmental remediation lia...

Importance of Statistics in Educational Management

For the school manager to project the amount of fund that would be needed for the next session there is a need to have data on quantities of stationery needed by both learners and teachers, the number of ancillary staff paid from the school coffers and (3)other running costs. The collection of statistics is important in educational management as highlighted above as it enables one as a school mana...

Descriptive Statistics

A team that plays smart and efficient will win games and championships. The number of wins, salaries, attendance, and earned run average (ERA) contribute to this success. ERA is the average number of runs allowed by the pitcher. The lower number of runs the better. The ERA stats tell us that the most number of wins by a team is 95. The overall team salaries indicate that the player salaries are in...

Managing Employee Retention

* How well the model predicts store performance (r2, p-value of variables and their “impact”) * How your MTenure2 assesses Tom Hart’s hypothesis. Does it support his hypothesis? You should include a graph that shows contribution to profit of employee tenure over the range of values in the data set. The x-axis should be manager tenure, and the y-axis should be the predicted contribution to st...

Hypothesis Testing

Boston University. (n.d.). The 5 steps in hypothesis testing. Retrieved from Boston University, website. Laerd Statistics. (2015). Pearson-product moment correlation. Retrieved from https://statistics.laerd.com/statistical-guides/pearson-correlation-coefficient-statistical-guide.php McClave, J. T. (2011). Statistics for business and economics (11th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education. Taylor, C. (...

Effects of Caffeine and Nicotine on Lumbriculus Variegatus

The differences in worms can’t really be avoided because each worm is different from the other in some way or the other. To conclude, the results of this experiment cannot be applied to other systems. The results cannot be applied to organisms that have completely different physiology than the L. variegatus. Despite the fact that the results can be applied to organisms that share the same physio...

Uses of Statistical Information

Advantages of Accurate Interpretation of Statistical Information Without accurate interpretation of the statistics used in the healthcare setting, there would be problems in many areas of the hospital. These problems would occur in a variety of areas including staffing problems, employee satisfaction rates, patient satisfaction rates, visitor satisfaction rates, patients developing infections, poo...

Practical Application of Statistics in Nursing

Without knowledge in statistics, nurses would fail to give enough care and treatment needed by the patient. Moreover, without knowledge in statistics, nurses, who works directly and personally with their patients, would fail to understand the different conditions being experienced by the patients. With the aid of statistics, nurses would be able to contribute to the growing number of medical resea...

Growth and Development of Brassica rapa Plants

Competition and the Role of Habitat Selection in Gerbillus allenbyi and Meriones tristrami: A Removal Experiment. Ecology. 3:1242-1247. Connell, J. H. (1983). Prevelance and Relative Importance of Interspecific Competition. American Natural. 111:119-1144. Franco, M. , Kelly. C. K. (1998). “The inter-specific mass-density relationship and plant geometry” Proceedings of the National Academy of S...

Hypothesis Test

The findings also have implications for doctoral programmes, research preparation of nurse-investigators, and theory testing. With me doing my research on what exactly nurses do with hypothesis testing, I found that it’s not too strenuous. I can handle the pressures of doing statistics overall in the nursing field. It may get hard in college but I really want to be a nurse so it’s worth it. I ...

Intro to Statistics

This is an even more important reason to have reliable and trustworthy statistics available to aide in the decision making process. The overall idea of statistics used in business is to make beneficial and financially sound decisions. The more facts that are involved in any decision making process the better. In business the owner of a company has a responsibility to act intelligently when making ...

Scavenger Hunt

10. What do you do if you can’t take a test on campus? Be very specific about the process, the possibilities for proctors, and when the test must be taken. Students who are unable to take a test on campus need to alert the instructor at least 10 days before the test, and must have a proctor and suitable location. Proctors may be part of the Bellevue College staff, clergy, e...

Nursing Research Critique Assignment

The purpose of analyzing data in a study is to describe the data in meaningful terms. For example, the study in reference to blood pressure changes utilized tables for interpretation. Statistics help to answer important research questions and it is the answers to such questions that further our understandings. It is required the researcher to have an understanding of what tools are suitable for a ...

Damned Lies and Statistics: Untangling Numbers from the Media, Politicians, and Activists

Comparison among social problems also creates unique difficulties. Best offers logic of comparison to help the reader understand how to make sense of good comparison and bad comparison. Chapter 5, “Stat Wars”, describes the problems that arise when advocated use questionable numbers to make a case. Chapter 6, “Thinking About Social Statistics”, sums up Best’s advice on understanding stat...

National Income Statistics and Standard of Living

Norway’s life expectancy at birth in in 2006 was 82.9 years; by comparison, the life expectancy at birth in the USA was only 77.7 years. Another advantage of using HDI, as opposed to GDP, is that due to it only being 1 value, it allows statistical analysis to be completed and overall a practical measure for databases, and models. Although it is a more accurate representation of the standard of l...

The Role of Research and Statistics in the Field of Psychology

Even if psychology is a “Social Science” or a “Soft Science,” it is still necessary that it includes research and statistics. Research enables psychologists to understand why people feel, think and act in a certain manner. Statistics, meanwhile, gives psychologists the concrete and exact impact of a certain behavior on an individual and or society as a whole. Together, research and statist...

Statistics: Credit Card and Pelican Stores

Prepare a report with your rankings of the judges. Also, include an analysis of the likelihood of appeal and case reversal in the three courts. At a minimum, your report should include the following: 1. The probability of cases being appealed and reversed in the three different courts. 2. The probability of a case being appealed for each judge. 3. The probability of a case being reversed for each ...

Godden and Baddeley (1975) Psychology

With much strength, the experiment had a few limitations, these being that the participant variables may have affected the experiment as some divers may generally be more intelligent or have good memory, therefore their results would be better than most in either environment, also, when divers were travelling to a different environment from which they learnt their words, they may have been distrac...

Red Bull and Reaction Times

Lastly, after the experiment I began to consider if the drink Red Bull had a placebo effect to it. Perhaps the chemical stimulants really do affect the mind, but I wondered if subjects would have faster reaction speeds on Red Bull as compared to water if they were not told that they were consuming Red Bull. Perhaps because of Red Bull’s claim of being able to “increase concentration and reacti...

Use of Stasistics in Workplace

The advantages of the accurate interpretation of data at Arrowhead Regional center is that accurate data will help in doing researches, planning , implementing initiatives that could reduce healthcare disparities . It will prevent waste of resources; prevent harm/injuries to patients, improve quality of cares provided. As a Medicare participating program, accurate data will be used to develop, eli...

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