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Statement Essay Examples

Personal Ethics Statement

Ethics is a branch of philosophy, which address various issues that regards to morality and the general human behavior in society (Vendemiati 2004). Ethics identifies whether something is good or bad, ignoble or noble, just or unjust, or whether acts of people should be classified as being vices or virtues. Being ethical entails a number…

Personal Mission Statement

The capacity to fully utilize opportunities to become open for others is what is crucial in identifying my personal mission statement. Here, it caters not mainly to the ability to integrate personal gains but rather develop the perception towards identifying personal connections through other people. These associations with others are then strengthened by common bonds…

Personal statement

There are many schools all over the United States but I personally singled out the University of Central Florida because of its track record and its commitment to the welfare and academic development of its students. I believe in the dynamism of UCF in terms of the diversity of its collegiate environment as well as…



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Objective statement

A) What are the reasons that led you to choose social work as a profession? Discuss how your personal values, knowledge of social issues, and the professional and community experiences that have influenced your decision to enter the social work profession. This should not be a chronology of your life, but an objective statement. You…

Personal Statement

My academic background, which has been both varied and informed by different academic settings, has seen my succeeding as a student in South Korea, Guam, and Seattle. Because of the nature of my father’s job, I have had the rare opportunity to study and to learn in a variety of different educational settings with a…

Personal Statement: Graduate school program in teaching at the secondary level

I believe I am more than qualified to be admitted to the secondary education program of the Graduate school as I possess the needed knowledge, talents, skills, and most of all, attitude that would help me become successful in my profession. I firmly believe that teaching is the right career for me because I find…

Statement of Purpose

I deem it a privilege to give a brief account of myself to your esteemed institution. Acquisition of in depth knowledge in the fundamental areas has always been my primary objective and I have always intended to build this theoretical foundation by taking up the most exciting and challenging assignments by proving myself as University…

Personal Statement

The passion for improvement and development has prompted many individuals to seek education and serve as a stepping stone for their goals and objectives. By engaging in this process, each individual hopes to obtain the necessary abilities and skills to be competitive in their chosen profession. Though setbacks and hurdles can be seen in the…

Children in Foster Care

Statement: Upon ageing out of the foster care system, foster kids end up either dead, homeless or incarcerated due to lack of independent living skills and lack of knowledge about programs in their communities! Due to many children being so displaced and neglected, it is hard to provide for children because foster homes are overcrowded….

Progress Report

Summary: In our second session the client was feeling much more comfortable since we have met and communicated well from the last session. Last session, the client’s problem was about how stressed she was when it comes to prioritizing things. So I decided to give her an assignment. Her assignment’s purpose is to let her…

Vision Statement

The vision of a man is the framework that shows the depth of his knowledge, the tenacity of his personality and how far he would go in the race of life. It is in lieu of this fact that I write this vision statement which depicts what my professional life would be in the next…

Statement of My Generation

The contemporary world is characterized by the enormous impact media makes on the world ad people who live in it. During the past two decades we got used to the fact that newspapers, movies, TV shows or magazines dictate us what to wear, read, use and even say. It is media nowadays that gives us…

Personal Statement – Sample

I have a strong interest in business management as I was influenced by my family’s business from a very young age. The motivation of choosing this course is that I know my families do not have any business education background and they did it without any stress. Because of the consequence, I would like to…

The Personal Statement

China is known as the fastest rising economy in Asia to date. I can proudly say that I come from one of the Taiwanese families that have helped China achieve its status in the world today. My father is one of the emerging businessmen in Taiwan and our family owns a big company as well….

The Personality of Jesus

Using RS176 “Jesus and His Interpreters” as a graduation requirement for the AA degree from SBVC is a noble idea. However, I would like to propose that the Curriculum Committee should consider beginning a new course called “The Personality of Jesus” to be used in place of RS176. This is because it is of greater…


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