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STATEMENT OF PURPOSEApplicant's Name Bhanu Chander Mysa Date of


Applicant’s Name Bhanu Chander Mysa Date of Birth 27/05/1996

Citizenship & PP No Indian & P3934929 Marital status Single

Institution Southern Cross University Course Master of Business Administration

Teaching location Melbourne Intake Feb – 2019


I’m Bhanu Chander Mysa citizen of India, willing to study abroad to come back to my home country to seek better career prospects here. I hold a confirmation of enrolment from Southern Cross University in Master of Business Administration for Feb- 2019 intake. I take this opportunity in submitting statement of purpose which includes my aims, family background, education background and career objectives that motivated in pursuing Master of Business Administration.

Family Background:

I belong to a nuclear family comprising of my parents and an elder sibling. My father Mr. Shyam Sunder Mysa is a retired police head constable from State Government, my mother Mrs. Vijaya Laxmi Mysa owns a boutique and my elder brother Mr. Dharmender Mysa had studied Bachelors of Business Management course from Bharathi Degree College affiliated to Kakatiya University, Warangal.

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After completion of course he started a small-scale business and my family annual income is INR 7,23,600. My family members are sponsoring for my entire higher education and living expenses during my entire stay in Australia.

Education Background:

I completed my secondary school education from SPR Schools of Excellence, Yellapur, Warangal, affiliated to Board of Secondary Education, Andhra Pradesh in May-2011 with an aggregate of 81.3%. I have completed my higher secondary education (10+2) from Sri C.V Raman junior College, Warangal, affiliated to Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh in April 2013 with an aggregate of 69.

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1%. I have done Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from SR Engineering College affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad in November-2017 with 56.25.

Work Experience:

Upon completion bachelor’s degree I have prepared myself on courses related to Mechanical i.e., Pro-E, Catia, and Auto-CAD through online and simultaneously attended job interviews till Feb-2018. I did my Apprentice at TVS Adharsh Auto Service (Hanamkonda) Pvt. Ltd from March 2018-August 2018. During this period my responsibilities are carrying work as required by the company, Observing, learning and understanding a wide range of regarding Automobile parts and inspecting vehicle parts. After reliving from the job I attended various educational fairs, meet ups which are conducted by the education providers in my city. Later with careful consideration and research, I applied for Southern Cross University because of its recent rankings, course subjects and specializations, campus facilities, student support services etc. and received offer for February-2019 intake, meanwhile I arranged my financials.

Study Motive

Mechanical is the most fundamental field of engineering and regarding jobs after B.Tech in mechanical: there are plenty, but the irony with this field in India is that B.Tech Mechanical graduates are more or less laborers albeit with better salaries. Hence, a large chunk of mechanical graduates have to follow one of these paths to succeed, first: Get a job in core (

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