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Statement of Purpose In the current world Business has a broad and

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (941 words)
Categories: Bus,Business,Entrepreneurship,Leadership,Management,Society,State,World
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Statement of Purpose In the current world, Business has a broad and international outlook, we people are involved with it everyday. For an advantageous business approach, it is the knowledge of an entrepreneur and management skills that molds the business. The United Kingdom has internationally recognized universities and unique culture, allow developing potential while enjoying the social life. With such a context I am exposed to skills and ideas that will help me acquire management knowledge in the UK. The business is the heart of most industry, the understanding of business knowledge requires an international view of the progressive world.

For my Master’s degree in the UK, the Universities provides with the best opportunities, world-class amenities and especially world outstanding faculty and the degree acquired will be acknowledged internationally. Although I have a broad range of interests, Business and Automobiles are the fields I’m mostly interested in. Since my dad is a Senior Manager in a Bank, during my childhood I got to meet entrepreneurs and management personnel visiting my dad for Business and Education loans.

I can proudly say my dad paved a way for my interest in the business field and from then I always believed business will get my career started. During my school days, I was appointed to manage most of the events in class, also a leader to monitor and teach discipline to classmates. I have indulged in co-curricular activities like dance, drama, sports, music whenever possible and helping our friends in need was one of my highlights in school tenure. I also completed the optional abacus program provided by the school and have secured a black belt in karate. Participated in the School people leader Election and with great trust, my fellow students accepted me as their leader which was my first step towards leadership. By the love and faith of the students, I started working towards their queries and satisfaction which gained my experience in managing a crucial situation that can help in a business scenario. Being a school people leader I formed the first football team of my school and brought numerous hidden talents to the light. At the time of XIIth grade, I had to face health issues for which I needed rest for a year. I skipped one year of my academics but I took it as a challenge and decided to attend college in COIMBATORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY for (mechanical engineering) which is one of the top ten colleges in the state provided with excellent professors, lab facility and decades of experience. To acquire a piece of core knowledge in an automobile I joined Mechanical Engineering. I took the initiative to participate in “BAJA SAE INDIA”, an intercollegiate design competition which is conducted by automotive engineer’s society. I was one of the members of the team to build a small off-road car. An inter-college event organized by my department “MECHNOVATION” in which I was appointed as treasurer dealing with business and management duties which sustained me to deal with sponsors and come across their views and vistas of how they approach a project. I had the chance to do an internship in VR pumps as manager during this period I acquired the greatest intelligence and about different types of onsite production techniques that reaped me additional pragmatic insight. Though I attended my engineering classes I never neglected my childhood dream to start a business. I chose to pursue my dream by joining the Undergraduate Program for a bachelor in Business Administration at BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY. During the field of study, I acquired core knowledge in Management processes, accounting, Taxation, Business Law, Organizational Behavior, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management. The Business Administration course was more interesting every academic year. I have attended weekly lectures conducted by the University by experienced professors from the country. Both the courses provided me with the finest skills and knowledge about the field. The master’s degree will help me to incorporate the two courses into a business to start my career. I’m a Social person who likes to be with Friends and Family. The local community gives opportunities to help at events and activities. Gaming is a passion of mine and I go to gaming events whenever possible. I would love to explore the cities of the United Kingdom, where it is one of the reasons to choose the United Kingdom for a Master’s Degree. The UK, the most diverse and welcoming student city with amazing course choices, providing many advantages and work opportunities. By enrolling in your reputable university for the Business Management degree course, I’m highly confident that I put my fullest contribution towards the course. Studying at your university would surely help me refresh all my analytical and logical skills gained so far through my experience. The practical approach of study is more goal-oriented that will help me stand out of the box and brighten opportunities in my career. My career goal is to start a business that is to be accomplished with my sister as a business partner who is currently pursuing an Architecture degree. Having the Knowledge in completion of the master’s degree, it’ll help me to start a joint business with my sister. To achieve my career goal I must gain a high insight into how management can influence a business’s performance, how business and other types of Organisation can help society to develop and many others. After viewing many campuses and universities, I have concluded to join your esteemed University which is the best option for me. My contribution towards the course will be the best as I can and I hope that you will look favorably upon my application.

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