Statement of Purpose for Human and Community Service

I am so happy to have finally found a college that offers Human and Community Services as an online course When looking over the course description I have noticed that it has a very comprehensive outline of the program, including what can be done once a degree in Human and Community Services is achieved. 1 look forward to learning about the development of humans in different social conditions and applying that knowledge to my life experiences by helping people in my community or rather the world.

i‘m curious to know what the human growth process is and how it applies to the way that we interact with each other. I intend to use a degree in Human and Community Services to help underprivileged children, more specifically children who have been abandoned or mistreated by the people who are supposed to love and protect them (adults) due to the abuse of drugs and the lack of having or even just not knowing better.

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My ultimate goal and dream is to have a world where children are valued and taught to honor themselves and each other, creating more productive and positive thinking adults. I have a strong desire to help others which I believe stems from my mother who is a case manager dealing with families who have suffered from the HIV/AIDS virus and the way she goes above and beyond the call of duty I’m determined to create an environment where self worth is the most important thing, not whether or not someone has the latest fashions but rather what‘s on the inside.

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1 have personally had to deal with abandonment issues of my own which comes from the loss of my father at the age of eight and the complete lack of love and support from his family once he passed away I believe that some of the lesson within the program will assist me in overcoming some of my own issues. I currently work at a college for Allied Health and I have students come to me from time to time with family issues that have touch my heart and made just offer a hug and some advice.

Irecently had a student come to me who was dealing with domestic violence. Her husband who had attempted to commit suicide and once his attempt failed he then proceeded to beat on his wife in front of their young son and goddaughter. I couldn’t fathom being in her shoes. Physically I couldn’t do anything to her but I that words are one of the most powerful weapon we have, so I gave her what I could and that was advice. I advised her that since both she and her husband both refused to leave the house that she find someone she trusted to look after her son until she was able to do so, I informed her that one of the worst things a child can see is there parent being abused ( I know from experience) and that with him being a male that is the last thing he should witness so that when he becomes of age the cycle of abuse wouldn’t continue.

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