Statement of purpose biotechnology Essay

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Statement of purpose biotechnology

There was a time when the average awareness of man did not extend beyond the immediate. But over the centuries and especially over the past decade the average intellectual and knowledge levels of people have -undergone an exponential increase. And keeping in with the laws of evolution and survival it has become imperative for every individual to strive a lot harder even to maintain a status quo.

I do not wish to exist and strive merely for survival, for though human beings being a creature of this earth are subject to the same laws of nature and survival, I believe that there should be a cause which extends beyond mere survival to justify ones existence and the gift of a superior intellect. That I believe is the true essence of civilization.

My Bachelors degree in Engineering will definitely ensure my survival, but to justify my existence I feel I should give back more to this world and leave it a better place. It is this philosophy and put myself in a position to do so that I wish to pursue my Masters and later my Doctoral studies.


I have displayed a natural aptitude for biology ever since my school years. And have even won quite a few awards for the same. So upon passing out of high school it was but natural I seek a career in the same field. Microbiology and Biotechnology were the two options I was faced with. Microbiology though being the more glamorous cousin lost out. Because since Biotechnology is where my interest lay, it is what I felt I would excel at. For it is definitely “better to be the best in a mediocre field, than be mediocre in the best field ”. My grades to date have vindicated my decision.

Ever since the beginning of my third year I had decided to pursue Masters and later my PhD from an institute of international renown. It remained for me to zero in on the area of specialization. I studied up on the various options available, and the application of ______________ and its contribution to ____________________ fascinated me. In my pre final year I read a special article in a magazine called Global Educator about the application of ______________, after reading the article I got a clear insight as to what was ________________________ about and as expected, appealed to me. I was totally impressed with how _____________________. However my knowledge in the subject could at best be termed less than superficial. One of the major reasons for applying to your university is the highly impressive research work in progress in areas pertaining to the ______________________.

I chose to present a paper on the topic of “_________________________”. I immersed myself in researching up the topic and presented the paper.

My third year project “ _________________” helped me get a better idea to the field of ___________________.

I have tried to get a perspective of the industrial constraints and aspects of the subject by undergoing Industrial trainings and certifications at some of the premiere institutes in India like __________________, _____________ and _________________. I have also had exposure to various other fields like _____________, ___________ and _________________.

In fact, I intend to use my masters as a testing ground for further narrowing down my area of interest so as to zero in on a topic that I could make a passion and of course also continue my research in the same!

Why USA and your institute

Lucre has never had much lure for me. It is a necessity, but only just that. It is to leave an indelible mark in my chosen field that is my “raison d’etre”. Unfortunately very few institutes in the world can boast of an extensive research set up and infrastructure, in my area of interest. And it is precisely this reason why I have chosen US of A, and your institute in particular to pursue my masters. I am especially impressed with research work being carried out by Dr. ______________ and Dr. ____________ in the field of _______________ and _________________. I am also keen on being a part of the research centers and laboratories like __________________ and __________________. For I believe your institute will provide me with the ideal ambience to pursue my masters and later my Doctorate.

My life my philosophy and my possible contribution to your institute

I know I am not perfect, and I am always willing to make myself a better human being. It is a process I will continue till the day I die. Life with its endless lessons is a class in itself. I have vowed never to become a cynic, no matter how many setbacks I have, for I have realized that life is too short to be spent over things that did not happen or could have. Because such a lot else is happening, and a lot more is yet to happen.

Though in terms of knowledge I stand to gain more than I can contribute, but it is my abilities as a person and my attitude towards life in general which I believe will help enriching the already rich texture of your university. I realize everything we do is directly or indirectly an endeavor to make the world a better place, and therefore I always feel it is more important to be good human beings, than just good professionals.

On a micro level, it applies to ones immediate surroundings. I also come from a land of immense diversity, where tolerance has been an accepted way of life. But unfortunately in the modern world it is often misconstrued as a weakness. I believe it is in the best interest of humanity that people with a broad global outlook, like mine, interact on an international stage.

My Short and long term Goals

I wish to be considered an authority in my field and leave a legacy that will live on beyond me. I am well aware that age changes ones priorities. I know it is my youthful optimism and exuberance that speaks. Probably 20 years down the line tempered with the wisdom of age, I will be doing a rethink on my priorities but as of now I want to be involved in path breaking research work in my field and later pursue my doctorate along similar lines. Like mentioned earlier it is my desire to make a big difference in every possible way to humanity.

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