Statement of Purpose Essay

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Statement of Purpose

An unusual tension that once prevailed over a studio audience was so strong that even the sound of a person swallowing his saliva could possibly be heard. Everyone was paying attention to a TV show hostess, a nationally-popular auctioneer. Her voice was a bit trembling in spite of an obvious effort to maintain a dignified composure. Pointing at an inventor, she shouted, “Congratulations! Tonight’s winning bid is ? 15 Billion! ” It was the moment when Mr. Kim Sungwook’s simple idea, once adjudged as of low business feasibility, emerged as a winning idea of commercial value by the Evaluation Analysis Advisory Committee of the TV Program.

It was also the moment for me, a patent attorney, to reaffirm the importance of spanning a gulf between idea (technology) and business profitability (management) and to render a decision- responsibilities that are expected to accord me with practical knowledge on various advanced management and marketing theories again. I was still a college student when I had that feasibility realization. Along with the study of Computer Science, I was also actively involved in the university’s official fraternity, Mecha, where I served as a senior student programmer. I was then tasked with developing a computer program for robot arms control system.

The stint allowed me to obtain a broad range of programming experience and valuable lessons on the applications of my computer program in real-world production processes under the tutelage of Professor Jean, Do-young. He had always reminded me that “not all arcane and novel ideas could be applied to the production process; not all state-of-the-art production techniques could reap benefits, but some simple ideas could do. ” While doing programming work for the robot arms control system, my interest in commercially-feasible inventions also grew broader. I felt then that becoming a patent attorney was a natural advancement.

I passed the first part of the qualifying examinations for patent attorneys prior to my graduation in spite of its arduous nature. Granted an honors scholarship thrice, I graduated magna cum laude (top three percent of the graduating class) from Sogang University, one of South Korea’s top ten universities. In addition, I also have remarkable analytical skills and logical thinking, qualities I had gradually improved on during my college years. Upon graduation from college, I also passed the second part of the qualifying exams for patent attorneys, then one of the ten youngest examinees to pass the examination.

Tenacity, my most distinctive quality, brought about my success in the notoriously-rigorous exam without any failure, even if the failure rate was extremely high. It also laid a solid foundation for my professional career as a patent attorney. My career path was launched at a mid-sized law firm, Veritas Patent and Law Office, which gave me ample exposure to fundamental Intellectual Property-related assignments and litigations requiring in-depth investigations and research skills.

My most important project was the investigation on the alleged infringement of the Binary Runtime Environment Wireless (BREW), a Qualcomm-created application development platform, by South Korea’s Wireless Internet Platform Interoperability (WIPI). During the project, I found out about Qualcomm’s elaborate and well-systematized patent and technology management and realized that such an effective management system could bring immense benefits not only to private companies, but also to nations in dealing with commercial treaty issues.

Looking back, I could only appreciate the broad and intensive training I gained during my three-year stint at the firm. With my keen interest in patent litigation and technology management growing further, a new opportunity knocked at my door. I willingly accepted a job offer at Yoon & Yang, which is ranked as the fifth best law firm in South Korea, in order to be able to handle more litigation cases. As soon as I joined the firm, I set about filing a lawsuit on a patent infringement case. The client, Magna Chip Semiconductor, claimed that its patent rights had been infringed by Pixelplus Co.

Ltd. The number of lawsuits associated with this case jumped from three to fifteen during a two-year litigation period because both sides kept filing new lawsuits against each other. Beyond the stressful work environment, I have learned a lot while going through almost every patent litigation case, an experience termed as “a full package” among patent attorneys. I assumed senior-level responsibility for two years. In addition to patent works at the office, I was also casted to appear in a TV program “Idea How Much” as an evaluation analysis consultant.

It was created by SBS, one of the major television networks with a nationwide domain, in an attempt to offer both experts and ordinary people greater chances of having their ideas purchased by venture CEOs while being televised in a real auction situation. I accepted suggestions with great pleasure. I really enjoyed being inundated with astonishing ideas from ordinary people and helping them for about one and a half year. When contestants’ ideas were purchased, I sincerely shared their bliss.

When contestants’ ideas were turned down, I cheered them up by saying that I had come across some high-priced, purchased ideas which later proved to be flops due to ineffective management and marketing failure and some unnoticed ideas which turned into big production hits. The thought was a seed planted in my heart when I was still in college. It blossomed into an aphorism of my life. Long and serious reflection crystallized my belief that it is the appropriate time for me to pursue further studies in the Business Management field, a necessity for both my short-term and long-term goals.

I intend to be an IT Business Consultant specializing in managerial impediments from patent trolls as a short-term goal and be a Technology CEO as an ultimate goal. I am aware that I must be equipped with a broad and applicable knowledge of various management and marketing theories pertinent to technology in order to realize my dreams. I have been enticed by the Management of Technology (MOT) Program of the Georgia Institute of Technology for it offers an eclectic mix of courses I am keen on studying due to my aforementioned reasons.

On top of that, the leading reputation and facilities of the university, combined with an internationally-unparalleled array of faculty members, boost my confidence that attending your graduate school under the tutelage of your eminent professors will be the most vital and promising link between my career experiences and my future goals. Beyond all these, the MOT Program’s elective courses also prompted me to apply to the university. I actually wish that I could take all the offered courses if that is possible. To be a student of the MOT Program would definitely be my greatest honor ever!

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