Statement of Purpose Essay

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Statement of Purpose

“Engineering is the application of science to the needs of humanity.”

I was always fascinated by Engineering. Where would the human race be today if not for the feats of Engineering? Be it an Airplane that carries hundreds of passengers across the globe within hours or Electricity, that brings us vast sources of energy with a flick of a finger or a Defibrillator that can bring a human back to life by restoring the heart’s function, engineering has really uplifted humanity and it continues to serve every aspect of our day-to-day living.

My passion lies in Mechanical Engineering, specifically in the field of Thermal & Fluid Sciences. Though Mechanical Engineering was an easy choice for me, I was still exploring various core concepts ranging from kinematics to material sciences in my first year of study. When I started watching videos such as a man walking on fluid (Shear Thickening Fluid), fluid sticking to a surface (Coanda effect), and cars being lifted by a small pressure from hand (Pascal’s law), Thermodynamics captured my interest and attention.

Subjects such as Heat Transfer, Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion, Thermodynamics, and Fluid mechanics further substantiated my interest in the area. Concepts such as Bernoulli’s effect, laws of thermodynamics, boundary layer and heat engines were equally interesting. Laboratory sessions which allowed me to translate theories to reality further fortified my inclination towards thermal & fluid sciences.

I am currently pursuing a course in Computational Fluid Dynamics. Though not a part of my undergraduate curriculum, I am interested in this field as I would be able to build a virtual prototype of the system that I wish to analyze and apply classic mechanical principles to such a prototype, to get interesting real-time results. This will aid in solution of problems ranging from aerosol drug delivery systems to landing probes on mars. This is yet another reason why I am seeking higher education in Thermal & Fluid Sciences.

I believe that academics alone cannot ensure a person’s holistic development; it is the extracurricular and co-curricular activities that mold a person into being multifaceted. I took part and won in many National level technical quiz competitions. I even organized a successful national level intercollegiate symposium. I am also a member of IYCN (Indian Youth Climate Network), an organization for uniting youth oriented organizations which are concerned about climate change and environmental issues. I have tried my best to help the society by involving myself in such activities.

My career objective, after completing my Master’s degree, is to work for a globally reputed, research-oriented firm or industry-specific laboratory. I want to conduct cutting-edge research in the field of Thermal-Fluid Sciences and come up with breakthroughs that will add value to humanity. As a university that has to its credit eminent faculty members, vast library, state of the art facilities and enviable infrastructure, yours is certainly a center of excellence. An admission to the department of Mechanical Engineering at your prestigious University would do great wonders for my career objectives and make my dreams a reality.

Given my passion, dedication and diligence, I hope to fit into your requirements of a Graduate student for pursuing Masters Degree in my field of interest, Thermal-Fluid Sciences. I sincerely hope for an opportunity to learn and shine at your esteemed institution.

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