Statement of Purpose Essay

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Statement of Purpose

My country, India, is on the threshold of hectic development in infrastructure like roads, bridges, highways, expressways etc. India is in a tearing hurry to make up the lost time and catch up with the developed world and achieving better standard of living. Civil engineering will play a major role in changing the face of Indian Panorama. When we go for modern bridges, high rise buildings or ultra-modern condominiums; structural engineering will form the center stage of engineering development.

Being the son of an engineer who is running a construction company in Mumbai for past 25 years, the exposure to civil engineering was available to me from my childhood. This field fascinated me, when I used to join my father during vacations on his projects. Thus, as far as future career was concerned, I had already decided that I should carry on the business established by my father. Only aim was that I would like to reach much greater heights in scope, expanse and technology.

During my schooling and college days, where I had high academic profile, I was focused on opting for civil engineering and when I got an admission for undergraduate studies in a premier Institute like S. P. College of Engineering, which is reckoned next to IIT’s in stature and standing, I was extremely happy and decided to make the best of the opportunities offered. I found structural engineering subject very interesting as it forms the heart of any structure, be it building, bridge or highway. In my final year project, I got an opportunity to study the construction of the tallest buildings being built by a premier construction company of Mumbai. These 60 storey high rises will be the tallest in Mumbai. I was exposed to modern construction methods and management and the use of modern equipments.

I could see the use of concrete batching plant (which is seldom used in India) and tower cranes on this site. For the first time, I learnt how quality control of materials is carried out to ensure safe and efficient construction, or the steps taken to improve ground stability like rock bolting and guniting etc. This project gave me an insight in how much development has taken place in civil engineering. It has firmed up my resolve to do graduate studies in structural engineering, get in-depth knowledge and exposure in the field and later, develop family construction business further. Your University with its excellent facilities, highly qualified faculty and worldclass infrastructure is the right place for pursuing graduate studies in structural engineering and if given a chance, I shall make the best out of it.

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