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Statement of Purpose Essay

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“The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. ”I firmly believe in this quote made by Eleanor Roosevelt. I have always dreamed of making it to the top in the field of business in general and that of finance in particular. However, to realize my dream I need to understand and appreciate the fact that I must arm myself with a professional degree from a reputed business school. This would be an important and decisive step in my journey towards success.

A full-fledged program in finance would enable me to form a vision of business and of finance in the twenty-first century and the way it is going. The only career option in today’s competitive environment which creates an opportunity for an aspirant to pursue a career in the field of his choice is to acquire a management degree. Management qualification is a tool to build skills, gain knowledge and insight into modern business techniques At the same time and with equal mind, I recognize clearly the fact that what I wish to do would not be really possible without a robust theoretical framework and base.

I fully acknowledge and appreciate the fact that I need to build up intellectual ability in me and arm myself with techniques of analysis, case studies and proper critical examination as well as the ability to acquire information and to get to the bottom of a matter. All that can come only from being part of a complete academic program that would test and try me out and in which I would grow and broaden.

That is what I expect to happen to me as and when I become part of a Masters program at an outstanding university where I shall encounter the best minds engaged in constant discussion and ever absorbed in understanding not just the theoretical foundations of finance but also its new and emerging trends. What do I have to offer? First is the fact that I have done my graduation in business along with specialization in finance, which puts me in a somewhat unique position.

I already have a theoretical framework that encompasses a fairly advanced and analytical view of society, its institutions and the transition that is part of those institutions in the world of today which is moving from an earlier concept of laissez faire capitalism and is becoming a global village where economic interests predominate and function as primary determinants of political action.

The qualities that I have inculcated as a result of the academic ndeavors I have gone through are perseverance, patience, good communication skills, and flexible working procedures and at the same time highly disciplined working capability, qualities which I believe are absolutely necessary not just for success but also for mere survival in today’s fast paced and dynamic socio-economic environment. Most importantly I have the basic quality of self discipline and target oriented approach in consequence whereupon success is automatic. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. I wish to add that I love driving and I love playing tennis and traveling.

I also spend time reading about Finance books, about Finance management and about general management. I do that when I’m not listening to music, which too I love. I like watching lawn-tennis matches. Yes, with all that, I am setting out to learn as well as I can and as fast as I can at a reputed institute and pick up the training and skills of assessment, of decision making, of leadership and of communication which would benefit me to enter the complex world of business and to make my endeavors in that world profitable and advantageous.

I must add that I am particularly interested in finance and look very much forward to getting into the course specifically related to finance. I see as well something equally important, namely, the fact that a program, when entered into fully and with a complete mind, builds up into an experience one can’t ever forget. A good world-class university with its vast pool of resources in terms of faculty, its up to date curriculum and its wide student membership is an active and dynamic world that provides an exposure as nothing else can.

It is this exposure that I seek, as I know that it would enable me to get closer to my dream of working in the area of finance in the way I want to My role models are Mahatma Gandhi, Dhirubhai Ambani and Swami Vivekananda. Though the three come from different walks of life, each has inspired me in some or other way. In particular, their sense of leadership, their impeccable oratory and their communication skills as well as their infinite vision and talent mean a great deal to me.

Finally, I believe that I would be able to steer my career in the right direction if I am armed with a professional (Masters) degree from a world renowned institute. I understand that just a qualification won’t be helpful without sincere and intelligent efforts. However, it will definitely go a long way in helping me achieve my goals. I have always been very serious about achieving my goals and to conclude, in the words of Swami Vivekananda: “Awake! Arise! Stop not till the goal is reached!!

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