Statement of Purpose Essay

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Statement of Purpose

The vastness of growth both in its application, use fascinates me and helps me both in feeding myself with the knowledge as well as searching for the best possibilities for creativeness which makes the field of information sciences potentially the best field to explore. As a student of physical medicine in my undergraduate I have learnt how to take care address health issues to the best of the possible reaches in the community, with my short duration of experience as the health counselor for a leading health club helped me understand different individuals whom I came across. All the businesses weather it is in the field of health or any other business has the same motto of providing the best possible service to the customers. The question for all of them still remains the same how to provide the best customer satisfaction without compromising cost. As a learner in my graduate program I understood how important is analysis of individual as well as group customers for providing better customer satisfaction, this all can be achieved with the application of the tools which are helping the business understand the customer behavior with details and comprehensive study which concentrates on improving business to provide the best for their customers.

The business management and teams which involves business analyst, research analyst, market analyst and various other associated positions who provide the necessary tools and procedures which are available and also creating new techniques which help us understand better perform with the available resources for improving personal and at the same time business value. Right from my childhood I have been different in my approach towards life, I always try to be different in what so ever I do from eating different tastes of food, learning new things and trying to learn or do something which was never done before. This quality of mine actually makes more towards creative approach in making the difference in what so ever I do. Being creative only does not help one needs to be hard working, punctual, and dedicated towards goals which helps us better understand assess analyze and prepare the needed changes that are necessary in achieving goals.

Choosing masters of sciences in information technology is one big leap in acquiring my skillset to master the three different application skills which are from healthcare in physical medicine in one dimension, the management skills in the other dimension and the information sciences would be the third dimension. All combining together would make the best creative approach for the ever growing field of health care which is centered at the providing the best solutions for the individuals with the best available resources without compromising cost so that the healthcare costs remain low at the time more and more number of the people would receive the best health benefits with the available resources.

As a business minded individual I would like to acquire, develop tools which would help me understand the best available tools, languages which can be creatively applied with the management in healthcare and the field of physical medicine to develop plans which would make the approach of an affordable low cost healthcare system which is more electronically accessible at same time which is also feasible as most of the healthcare cost have been skyrocketing due to which it is important to develop a cost effective system which covers all the deserving individuals for their healthcare needs.

In my conclusion I would like to mention as I have pursued so far is just a drop in the ocean and the best thing is I am ready to explore the vastness of the ocean and definitely masters of sciences in information sciences is the program which would provide me the necessary base and which is offered by Sullivan university which offers programs which are more flexible and help me understand better of the surrounding and the business in developing myself as a better person personally as well as professionally. At the same time I would realize to achieve my goal and aspire to be an inspirational personality. I wish my work to be recognized, work that can be used for the coming times as a resource as well as a tool for helping the better understanding and enhancement of human life.

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